Professional approach to Instagram snap, young and beautiful DJs, models and socialists marched in support. VeloThe taste of nicotine bags made from British American tobacco (bat).

Among them, the 26 social media influencers have 2.2m followers, and the audience is distracting young people, which means they are difficult to reach through traditional advertising channels.

Holding Velo cans on camera, DJ GW Harrison told his 35,000 followers: “It must be my favorite ruby ​​berry flavor. What is yours? ”

MC and Rapper Bruce-C, AKA Josh Bruce praised his 156,000 strong audience for “light in dark technology” and another DJ Jess Base said, “The product is great – especially for clubs!”

Former Med in Chelsea star Alex Miton has released videos of Velo themed for his 391,000 followers, and racing driver Arki Hamilton has teamed up with British racing team Maklaren in an e-sports YouTube series with 207,000 followers.

This new type of nicotine influencer – one might call nicotine fluencers – is the culmination of a long-running trade war between British and American-based British-based tobacco in front of the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, an analysis by the Office of Investigative Journalism confirmed Batt Spend £ 1bn to influence influencers on Tikitock, Instagram and Facebook To find young people, including Pakistan, Sweden and Spain.

Now BAT is developing a similar strategy to win the British heart and mind.

Alex Miton holds Velo products
He introduces Velo products made by Chelsea’s Alex Miton to his Instagram followers. Photo: Instagram

Velo, the product in the heart Instagram promotion, A small bag of flavors placed between the lips and gums, releases nicotine to satisfy the cravings.

An article published on the websites of several major retailers states:

BAT Markets Velo “Continued” Way – An alternative to cigarettes. But there is no mention that BAT has stopped posting nicotine fluoride posts.

In fact, critics point out that the products are like recruiting new customers, according to BAT’s own analysis, which shows that half of the pocket market is for people who have never used nicotine before.

In a letter to Facebook CEOs: Instagram, Tick Talk and Twitter A coalition of more than 100 health and anti-smoking groups has called for an end to the promotion of addictive products on social media.

The use of nicotine has a negative impact on adolescence and prenatal development, according to a report by a US surgeon general. A similar report found that “nicotine use during adolescence increases the risk of nicotine addiction in adolescence.

“The real purpose of these advertisements is very clear,” said Caroline Renzuli, a tobacco-free campaigner for children, to make nicotine addicts and young people to try nicotine products. “Tobacco companies don’t care about your health. In fact, they do not care what addictive product you use because they have a lifetime customer service as long as you can use one.

A spokeswoman for BT said: “Our products are for adults only and we believe that young people should not use tobacco or nicotine products. Our marketing is responsibly based on our international marketing principles, our youth access protection guidelines, laws and the policies of social media platforms.

“Our social media accounts are restricted by age so they are only visible to adult users.

Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, is investigating whether the posts comply with the ban on nicotine promotion. After meeting with the guard, he removed most of them.

Velo Instagram’s campaigns are targeted at people over the age of 18 and their posts. But it is difficult to verify the age of Instagram users, and according to a report by social media analyzer Claire, 35% of the audience is under the age of 24 for such posts.

British-American tobacco is far from being used to push its products on social media. Swedish Mach, a non-smoking nicotine pack company, seems to be targeting the English brand Zine.

Of his Shining Facebook page It makes it clear that the bags are “only for smokers and vampires in the UK,” although he says they are “not a smoking cessation product.”

The Facebook campaign seems to support the idea that nicotine bags can be used alongside tobacco. Can’t Vap? Zin can ”

DJ Lara Fraser launches at Velo.
DJ Lara Fraser launches at Velo. Photo: Instagram

“We regularly review user engagement on social channels to ensure we reach the right audience,” a spokesman said. “Facebook will not accept any payment for clicking”

A GIT spokeswoman said the impact was confirmed by the fact that at least 75% of the audience was over 18 years old.

In some cases, tobacco products are openly marketed on social media. Ismood UK Limited, an electronics retailer, has posted a list of fashion designers on Instagram. Devon-based men’s clothing influencer Furkan Usenmez and more than 9,800 followers in the UK Chloe BayFashion model from Windows with 140,000 followers as well as a model Sophia saidIt has 145,000 followers.

In her post-sponsored post, 27-year-old Bay offers a discount code that gives buyers up to 20% off.

Advertising Standards Authority rules prohibit children under the age of 25 from “playing a significant role” in Non-distribution of cigarette options. She says she is 20 years old on Instagram. In a post titled Ismod Ad, Bay and Spokos are pictured holding the tobacco heater inside.

Ismood CEO Summer Jalol: “MSSpx account is managed by a third party globally. But we have taken steps to correct the situation.

We never paid for @sofiaaspokes. We always make sure [product reviewers] They are smokers and of legal age. At first we checked that she was over 18, but we did not know she was under 25.

“It is a mistake for a small social media partner to mistakenly approve the brand content to show ‘paid partnership’. We have now fixed this and made sure this is removed and not tagged accordingly.

None of the influencers he spoke to responded.