To expand the portfolio of branded products using the existing fresh organic selection BV capability

Vancouver, BC & BREDA, ACCESSWIRE, November 18, 2021, Organized Foods Inc. Integrated Organic and Valued Organic Fruit and Vegetable Supplier announced today that it has extended its range of IAM Organic Products to Gorillas® ( Europe’s fastest growing grocery store on demand.

Top News

  • Add nine fresh cut organic herbs to the Gorillas® product line

  • Constantly adding packaged fresh herbs to I AM Organic Brand portfolio supported by special digital passport technology

  • BV (“Fresh Organic Selection”), available in January 2021, utilizes in-depth production, supply and production capabilities.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Gorillas® to further build our mission of making organic fruits and vegetables available to all consumers and by doing so by building our I AM Organic brand. “Our products have a good history, and we believe that our digital product passports are well-connected.” It is exciting to know that our strategic goal is to advance. Plants to Us I Am Organic Product Portfolio Just like the fresh organic selection available earlier this year.

Details with Gorillas®

The list with Gorillas® not only includes healthy, high-quality organic bananas and seasonal freshly cut fruits, but also’s organic chips, I am organic corridor, I am organic dill, I am organic mint, organic oregano , I am organic flat parsley, I am organic curly parsley, I am organic rosemary and I am organic thyme. In addition, the current range of fruits is extended by single fruits, including I AM Organic single apples, I AM Organic single pears, I AM Organic single limes and I AM Organic raspberries.

Gorilla promotes limited but repetitive food purchases made by electric bicycles to increase consciousness consumption, reduce food waste and limit carbon dioxide emissions. One of Gorilla’s top priorities is delivering high-quality products to consumers, thanks to its integrated supply chain and its ability to deliver fruits and vegetables faster than traditional supermarkets.

All products are sourced from Organto Supply Network, which includes manufacturers in Europe, Latin America and around the world. Organto, together with its favorite strategic developers and supply chain partners, monitors and monitors each supply chain, providing users with 100% transparency in the company’s proprietary digital product passports.

Finding a fresh organic choice

Organto is part of a procurement strategy aimed at gaining profitable and growing businesses by focusing on opportunities to expand Organto value-added brands that extend the company’s product offering, customer service and geographic footprint.

Fresh Organic Selection was launched in January 2021, and since its inception, the business groups have successfully expanded their reach by adapting their strategies to market and supplying fresh European organic produce. In addition, the administrative and financial processes of the latter have been strengthened and adjusted. Revenues have shown steady growth and the listing with Gorillas® and the release of IAM Organic Brand is expected to continue this trend of growth.

Fresh Organic Choice Brand and now I AM Organic Brand uses the property lightweight business model to supply year-round organic produce. The products include freshly cut canned mint, oregano, basil, chives, parsley, dill, time, rosemary, saffron, targon, and more, which are sold in various branded and wholesale formats. The product is sourced mainly from strategic local growers in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal, and additional input programs are being developed in Tunisia.

Organto’s long-term growth strategy is to build a “one-stop shop” ethics based on fresh organic and unique fruits and vegetables driven by strong internal growth and acquisitions. This long-term growth strategy is based on three main strategies: supply chain, brand building and infrastructure. This IAM Organic Brand will accelerate Organto’s efforts to strategically build brand names in its product portfolio by Gorillas Extension and IAM Organic Fresh Cut Plants.

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Organto is an integrated supplier of branded, personalized and distributed organic and non-organic and non-GMO fruit and vegetable products using a strategic property-light business model to serve a growing community of responsible and healthy consumers around the world. Organto’s business model is based on sustainable business practices based on environmental responsibility and commitment to the communities in which it operates, the people and its shareholders.

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This release may include some forward-looking information and statements, including the unrestricted Canadian Guarantee Act and the “Privacy Statement” provisions of the 1995 U.S. Privacy Policy Amendment. In particular, and indefinitely, this news release contains forward-looking statements that respect the organisation’s business model and markets. Believing that Organto can bring value to consumers with its unique product offerings and I AM Organic Digital Passport Technology. Organto, in partnership with Gorilla, hopes that Organo will further expand its mission of making organic fruits and vegetables available to every consumer and by building an IAM organic brand. Belief in organo history is well-known through digital product passports; Organto Brand I AM believes that organic fresh cut organic matter also uses the production capabilities of fresh organic selection; Management beliefs, assumptions and promises; And general business and economic conditions. Future statements are based on a number of assumptions that may be wrong, including unlimited estimates, including the ability and time limit for implementing a robust organic business model and increasing product supply, price increases; Dependence on suppliers, partners and contractors; Changes in organ trade or promises; Unforeseen circumstances; General risks related to the organic product trade, bad weather, unfavorable growth conditions, low crop production, crop quality differences, deterioration, import and export laws and similar risks, transportation costs and risks; General business and economic conditions; And ongoing relationships with distributors, customers, employees, suppliers, consultants, contractors and partners. The above list is incomplete and Organto is not obligated to update anything except as required by law.

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