Organto Foods Inc., a supplier of organic and value-added organic fruits and vegetables, has announced the expansion of I AM Organic Products, a list of Europe’s fastest-growing organic gorillas┬«. Company Instant Demand for Grocery Supply.

“We look forward to expanding our partnership with Gorillas┬« to further build our mission of making organic fruits and vegetables available to every consumer and by doing so to build the I AM Organic brand. “We believe that the history of our products, which we believe has a good story to tell, is well-connected through our digital product passports,” said Rents van der Waal, CEO of Organto Foods in C and CEO of Organto Europe BV. Adding fresh cut plants to our IAM Organic Product Portfolio will take advantage of the fresh organic selection capabilities available earlier this year.

List with gorillas
The list goes on and on with Gorilla: “I am organic chips, I am organic corridor, I am organic dill, I am organic mint, I am organic oregano, I am organic. I am flat parsley, I am organic curly parsley, I am organic rosemary and I am organic thyme. In addition, the current range of fruits is extended by single fruits, including I AM Organic single apples, I AM Organic single pears, I AM Organic single limes and I AM Organic raspberries.

Gorilla promotes limited but repetitive food purchases from electric bikes to increase consciousness consumption, reduce food waste, and limit carbon dioxide emissions. One of the priorities of gorillas is the delivery of high quality products to consumers, thanks to its integrated supply chain and its ability to deliver fruits and vegetables faster than traditional supermarkets.

All products are sourced from Organto Supply Network, which includes manufacturers in Europe, Latin America and around the world. Organto, together with its favorite strategic developers and supply chain partners, monitors and monitors each supply chain, providing users with 100% transparency in the company’s proprietary digital product passports.

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