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A consultant, NYSE ፡ OUST (Ouster), a provider of high-quality digital lead sensors for the automotive, industry, smart infrastructure and robotics industries, announced today. Board. The Advisory Board is composed of industry leaders with extensive knowledge and experience in building and managing Ouster Markets and decades of international enterprises.

Founding Members of the Australian Advisory Board (Graphic Business Business Wire)

The Oster Advisory Board is supporting Oster’s mission to make the world safer by accepting digital leadership. Members can find strategic advice for Ouster executives as well as networks to strengthen relationships with the company’s key customers and partners. The founding members of the Wooster Advisory Board include:

  • Barbara HamptonBoard of Directors at Simmons USA CEO and Morgan Franklin Adviser; Former Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton and Lockheed Martin.
  • Henio Arkanelli, Jr. Former senior vice president of car division at American Honda Motor Company, Inc. and Motorsport Company Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA; Currently a consultant on ICON aircraft.
  • Jim CanonBy AM General President and CEO; Former President and CEO of FLIR Systems as well as Stanley Black and Decker, Inc.
  • Merryz Sylvester dies- Former president of electrification at ABB USA as well as president and CEO of GE Current and GE Lighting; He is currently the Board of Directors of Harley-Davidson, Vontier and Waste Management.
  • Philip von Hagen died- Partner management on future industry ventures; Former executive board member of Porsche Automobile SE, a majority shareholder of Volkswagen Group.
  • Richard Friedland: Former President and Chief Operating Officer at Cummins Inc. He is currently a consultant to Ambarik Truck and Board of Directors of Cooper and Standard and Valvolin.
  • Sandy Stoikovsky: North American CEO at Vitesco Technologies; Marley, former President and CEO of Powerine North America, International Engineering Excellence, Vice President of ZF Group and President of AVL.

“I am delighted to be working with our founding advisory board, and I appreciate their commitment to Ouster in our efforts to capture the multi-billion dollar TAM,” said Uster CEO Pakala. He has a heartfelt desire to help us move on, and I expect Oster to benefit greatly from their network and advice in the years to come.

NYSE ፡ Crisis OUST is a leading provider of high quality digital lead sensors for industry, automotive, smart infrastructure and robotics industries. Foreign products offer excellent price and performance coordination and are built to meet the requirements of hundreds of cases and to enable revolutionary self-government in industries. Oster has about 600 customers in more than 50 countries with offices in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Visit the website for more information, Or contact us Twitter Or LinkedIn.

Future Statements

This press release contains “prospects for the future” in the meaning of the “Secure Harbor” provisions of the 1995 Private Security Arbitration Amendment Act, including not limited to Oster’s strategy and market position statements. Future Statements Ousters’ current expectations and forecasts provide forecasts related to the financial situation, its competitive position, future performance results, plans, objectives, future orders and business. You can tell that future sentences are not related to historical and contemporary facts. These descriptions may include words such as “predict”, “guess”, “expect”, “project”, “plan”, “think”, “believe”, “can”, “allow”, “deserve”, “can”. ”,“ Probably ”and other words and similar meanings in any discussion of the future process or financial performance or other events over time or nature. The exact results of all future statements are subject to risks and suspicions that may differ materially from what we expected, including a limited work history and loss history; The bargaining power of the customers and the levels of production; Fluctuations in the results of its procedures; Canceling contracts or postponing or failing applications; Acceptance of the products and overall growth of the lead market; The ability to grow the sales and marketing organization; High research and development costs required to produce and market new products; Competition environment in which it operates; Selecting products to be included in targeted markets; Future capital needs; Ability to use tax attributes; Dependence on key third-party suppliers, particularly Benchmark Electronics, Inc. and manufacturers; The ability to save goods and the risk of writing; Inaccurate forecast of market growth; Ability to manage growth; Customer lending capabilities; Risks associated with purchases; Hazards associated with international operations; Risks of product supply problems or defects; Costs associated with product guarantees; Its ability to reduce average sales prices or higher sales volumes or production costs; Conditions in the consumer industries; Ability to recruit and retain key personnel; Use of professional employers; The ability to adequately protect and enforce intellectual property rights; Ability to respond effectively to improved rules and standards; Risks associated with working as a public company; Hazards associated with the COVID-19 outbreak; On August 19, 2021, the Company will submit or submit to the Security and Exchange Commission other important details of the Company’s final promises and other reports. Any forward-looking statements represent administrative assumptions and beliefs from the date of publication of this press release. Oster may choose to modify such statements in the future when it is outside the scope of the law, but he does not accept any obligation to do so, although subsequent events may change his views.

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