OSU campus

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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Oklahoma State University’s main campus is housed in a quiet corner of the Henry Belmon Research Center.

OSU is a place where students learn mobile app design and development in real-world situations. It also gives students the opportunity to get to work early.

Jai Hari Rajendran, OSU Application Center and Technology and Business Development Manager at OSU, has been running the App Center since 2013. “We provide opportunities for students to be trained in all mobile app design and development,” he said.

More than one student has not only found a job in app design and development, but has also made a dream come true. Sarah Fabian In May 2019, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Studio Art. She is currently working on Git Wit for a digital creative agency in Tulsa – the place you want, even for an experienced app developer.

Fabian OSU Application Center, one of the three OSU graduates directly employed by Git Wit, is an example of an opportunity for students.

“Our students work with clients and service providers in an industry-oriented environment where they are assigned to application projects.” Rajendran says, “You learn by doing the work and by the feedback from customers. The final product will be printed and used by thousands.

Git Wit provides services to brands and ideas, “doing everything necessary to launch ideas and new digital products,” says Jacob Johnson, Guit Wit, CEO and strategist.

“We have now hired three people from the OSU Application Center. It’s just a place where we hire new designers from school, ”said Johnson. “We need to have people who just jump in.”

Rajendra testifies to the success of the program in practical terms.

Preparation key and is an integral part of the curriculum through the OSU Application Center. Rajendran says, “Jet Whit is pushing these designers into complex problems and issues for everything from government level and start-up level to Fortune 100.

Johnson added, “… And we are teaching them the ropes of our roads and we are expelling them from college immediately and we are making them grow up in a few months.

Fabian’s experience with the OSU Application Center is tailored to anything and everything in the professional world. One of the most unique experiences she had during her time at OSU came from the App Center.

“I had a little context on Ui / Ux design and everything in it,” said Fabian. “It was fun and very careful to get into so much of our daily life. I did not know how tedious and detailed every aspect of Ui / Ux design was.”

Fabian is highly regarded by app designers on the road. She says it is a great way to not only be creative and make the product better, but also to improve the design standards and make it more user-friendly.

The App Center also gave Fabian a first chance to share and explain her work with her clients rather than her peers.

Megan Horton, a member of the App Center Coordinating Committee and Acting Vice President of Brand Management, said:

Haile Caldwell, an OSU graduate and AP Center student, said her experience there was professional.

“I think the most important thing about the app is to work in a team, work with clients, manage my time and think personally as a leading designer.”

Caldwell graduated in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and has worked in Application Center for over two years. She was hired by Guit Wit in September 2021.

“One of the hottest jobs around, there is a lot of demand and very little supply, they are product designers, and you might call them UX UI designers, but I think that’s a little narrow,” Johnson said. “You should have these people who can get in the middle of three rings, right? Therefore, human needs are technically feasible.

Calledwell said, “The whole experience is really true.” There is no problem with this, but I was not ready to solve it. I thought a lot about what I was looking for at work and I had no doubt that Guit Wit was the place for me. Here I did it, and I still feel like it was all a dream come true.

The OSU Application Center focuses on student development and has created a source of success for graduates. Git Wit and OSU Application Center are seamlessly integrated on the road to success with supply and demand.