Karlstadti, NJ – November 10, 2021 – Pantone LLC, the world’s leading color palette and professional color tool suppliers for designers, today announced the latest version of Pantone Connect, a digital platform for designers to improve their color decision-making and communication. The platform, which provides access to all 15,000 Pantone Colors in the cloud, has added features that give designers around the world the opportunity to create digital signage, galleries and live collaborations in teams. Customers and partners throughout the design process globally.

The Pantone Connect platform, originally launched in April 2020 and June 2020 with the Pantone Color Match card, has rapidly evolved into the needs of a dynamic designer. Especially because of the epidemic, to adapt to a new creative and work environment that is more physical and digital than ever before. Pantone has worked closely with some of the designers to understand the differences in the designer’s new workflow, and has updated the product to better match their needs. As a result, Panton has developed an all-in-one digital device platform, allowing designers to easily integrate color throughout the entire design process from start to finish. The platform is available at Adobe Extension Marketplace to use Adobe Creative Cloud software, App Store (IOS) and Google Play as a web application for your smartphone and web browser.

“The Pantaton product design process is very personal. Jung Sin, global director of digital product management at Pentagon, said. “With this new version of Pantone Connect, we believe we have created a unique tool that will improve how designers naturally work, and we look forward to continuing to adapt and update our tools to address that.”

New features of Pantone Connect include:

  • Sensory keyboard function. Users will be able to upload inspirational digital photos on stage and automatically link them to a nearby Pantone color match.
  • Creating a gallery. It allows designers to create and store galleries securely and allows users to see how a gallery is perceived by people with common color blindness and how the gallery looks in contrast to light and dark backgrounds.
  • Collaborative tools. It allows designers to share palette information with people in the design process and reach a common vision and accurate color interaction with teams, customers, publishers and brands.

This latest announcement builds on the company’s next strategy to increase its products and supplies, which connects consumers’ digital habits to the need to connect with the material world. To help guide this strategy forward, Panton led Ali Cheng, a digital design veteran, to serve as Panton’s new CEO. Elley joins Panton, with more than 20 years of experience in technology and digital media companies from Shutterstock. She has worked for the company’s ecommerce channel and for ten years in Adobe in corporate development roles and strategic partnerships.

“Now more than ever, we rely on digital communication to find inspiration and collaboration. “Our focus is on expanding the digital services portfolio to better serve our customers and supporters, and to better support designers in their day-to-day travel, from social media inspiration to ensuring the physical reproduction of their work.” “Pantone Connection is a new product that exemplifies this focus and I look forward to working with the team to build a more digital future.”

On November 16, Pantone Connect will host an imaginary event featuring designers in the industry to discuss color during the design process. Sign up for the event online.

Posted November 10, 2021

Source fall-Pantone