Pantone Connect is the latest version of the digital platform that allows designers to achieve color decision-making and communication.

The platform, which offers all 15,000 Pantone colors in the cloud, adds features that provide opportunities for designers to create digital signage and galleries and create live collaboration between teams, clients and partners. .

Launched in April 2020 and upgraded in June 2020, the Color Match Card Forum is rapidly evolving into the needs of a dynamic designer – especially in the face of the ever-evolving new creative and work environment.

Pantone has worked closely with the designers within the designers to better understand the differences in the designer’s new workflow. As a result, Panton has streamlined the all-in-one digital tool, allowing designers to easily integrate color throughout the entire design process from start to finish. The platform is available at Adobe Extension Marketplace to use Adobe Creative Cloud software, App Store (IOS) and Google Play as a web application for your smartphone and web browser.

“The Panton product design process is very personal,” said Jung Sin, director of global digital product management. We want to get into the pits with the design community to understand how our tools better understand their process. With this new iteration of Pantone Connect, we believe we have created a unique tool that has changed the way designers work, and we look forward to continuing to adapt and update our tools to address that.

New features of Pantone Connect include:

-Mod board function allows users to upload digital photos on stage and instantly match them to the nearest Pantone color scheme.

– Creates a gallery, allows designers to safely create and store galleries and see how people with common color blindness perceive them and how they look with light and dark backgrounds for comparison.

– Collaborative tools for designers to share palette information with people in the design process and to reach a common vision and accurate color interaction with teams, customers, publishers and brands.