The largest software laboratory limited liability company announced today that it has acquired a large stake in Kedara Private Stock Company. Investment from Kedara G.S. Lab said in a press release that Kedara and Clayton, Dubilier and Rice, an international private equity firm and JV’s partner will be able to accelerate business growth through Kedara’s communications.

In addition, the procurement will enable the company to provide digital product engineering services to customers in independent software providers (ISVs), enterprises and digital indigenous companies worldwide and will continue to focus on technologies to meet digital needs. Create a rich work environment for customers and all employees.

G.S. “The investment in Kedara will enable us to build on our strengths and take advantage of the growing demand for innovative software and digital solutions in the global and Indian industries,” said Shridhar Shukla and Sunil Gaitonde, co-founders. Using Kedara and CD and R wide network and connections.

“Digital Transformation is one of our key investment initiatives, and we look forward to supporting GS Lab’s team.

Digital product engineering services are one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. According to Nasscom, India’s R&D sector is expected to grow by $ 31 billion by 2025 and CAGR by 13 percent to $ 65 billion. This growth is accelerating the rapid digitalization of all industrial environments.

Pramod Bassin, Operating Partner, Kedara, and former President and CEO Jenpact, said, “It is clear that digital is becoming a major difference for businesses on board. With a strong production of DNA and IP-led culture, G.S. Lab is a great place to be one of the leading digital engineering service providers in India.

G.S. The laboratory operates throughout the software development cycle, from ID to design, development, implementation, deployment and support.

G.S. “We are very happy to be working with Kedara to continue the development journey,” he said. Lab Atul Narkede, CEO of Lab.

DC Advisory served as the sole financial advisor to GS Lab during the transaction.

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Published Tuesday, November 09, 2021, 01:05 PM IST