Beginning in 2022, Peloton will sell the wholesale bracelet in the United States and Canada for $ 495.

Source: Peloton Interactive

as such Peloton The company announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its training program, called Peloton Instructions, to the integration of fitness equipment.

Beginning next year, Peloton will sell the manual for a total heart rate bracelet for $ 495 in the United States and Canada. It will be available in the UK, Australia and Germany by 2022.

The guide includes a camera that plugs into a TV screen and monitors user activity with machine learning technology. Members who pay an additional $ 12.99 per month can take live and on-demand training for different muscle groups with weight lifting, lung and other strength training exercises. The guide, as well as the voice acting, recommends parts based on the muscles a member has already developed.

It is a useless product compared to its rivals. Lululemon-Contributed glass and Amazon-Supplied tones, selling for $ 1,495 and $ 2,995 respectively. A tunnel is a fully wall-mounted device that incorporates magnetic weights for strength exercises. Earlier this month, Mirror said it was adding smart doubles and ankle weights to the machine.

The Peloton does not come with weights or other accessories. Users must purchase separately. The company said it would make improvements to the policy later, which would include connecting other devices.

Peloton shares fell 3% during the midday trading session.

The Peloton Guide includes a camera that plugs into a TV screen and monitors user activity with machine learning technology.

Source: Peloton Interactive

The announcement comes a few days after Peloton Decreased revenue for 2022 Forecast up to $ 1 billion. CNBC also reported that Peloton has been suspended for some time He stopped hiring To reduce costs when looking for a softer demand for cycles and pedals. Investors have been dumping stocks in recent days. They have Peloton shares since Thursday’s news It lost more than $ 10 billion in market value..

CEO John Foley expressed optimism about the new products in the Peloton pipeline and the opportunities the company is pursuing in commercial, corporate and international markets. Peloton said. Reported He was working on a paddle machine. Hydro, Lizo and Justin Timberleck connected paddle machine Among the supporters.

According to Tom Cortes, Peloton’s chief product officer, strength training has become popular with the company’s subscribers. In the app, Peloton offers members a variety of core exercises and weight training courses. Those subscribers pay $ 39 a month to access content.

Without trying the instructions, it is difficult to say how accurate the device will be by monitoring user activity and providing technical suggestions. If the machine learning technology is not effective exercise, it can cause another headache for Peloton.

However, it may be a good option for anyone who wants a home-made fitness equipment without breaking the bank. Compared to the Peloton Bicycle and Bicycle +, which sells for $ 1,495 and $ 2,495, it will be the company’s most expensive product to hit the market. His trade is worth $ 2,495.

Peloton may be able to persuade existing loyal customers to add the guide to existing indoor gyms.

Peloton’s shares have shrunk to 66% to date, with a market capitalization of $ 15.4 billion.