The guide works with a new arm-mounted heart rate monitor to measure strength and how long a user stays in different heartbeat zones. The new monitor differs from the company’s chest strap and includes an improved sensor.

The Peloton Heartbeat Band is also sold as an independent accessory for Peloton bikes, treadmills and digital applications for iPhone and Android devices. Earlier, Bloomberg News reported that the company did not say how much it would cost.

The manual can be controlled both by voice and built-in hardware remote control. The voice assistant was built by Home Technology, Audio Technology Company Ikudo, and some technologies from a third-party vendor, Peloton founder Tom Cortesse said in an interview. He hinted that the volume control feature would eventually expand to bicycles and treadmills.

Some users are skeptical of the privacy of home appliances, and according to Peloton, the policy has a switch to disable the camera and microphones, which is now standard in many of the latest smartphones from other technology companies.

Cortese Many people train for strength at home, not for cardio. Strength training is Peloton’s fast-paced content, which has led to the creation of independent hardware, Cortesse said. “It’s a great start,” the guide said.

The fall from 17 percent to $ 501 million in the last quarter was a major blow to Peloton’s revenue growth, but it was a bet on the direction to reverse the trend. Cortes said strength training and cardio account for two-quarters of the company’s overall fitness opportunities, and some consumers want equipment from both categories.

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Investors were not completely sure. The stock briefly jumped on Tuesday before turning negative in the first trading session.

The directive is the most “affordable” product of Peloton in terms of price, says Cortesse. The device is one-third of the cheapest and will be sold in the United States and Canada in early 2022. It will arrive in the UK, Australia and Germany next year.

In addition to hardware sales, the product may increase registration revenue. Users must pay a monthly fee of $ 12.99 to access the device’s key features and content library. This has been deleted for existing users who subscribe to Peloton Sports on their bicycles and racing bottles.

The guide competes with the tonal, with a large display of the most expensive training equipment and built-in strength tools. The Peloton device also joins a growing set-top box, but is one of the few that focuses entirely on strength training. Inc. And Apple Inc. They offer more traditional set-top-boxes, with the iPhone maker now getting its own fitness + service. Meta Platforms Inc. Provides equipment for video conferencing. Peloton’s new product has no more features than fitness.

– Bloomberg News