November 02, 2021 — Planters’ newly launched PlantBiser Digital Platform is set to quickly transform the concept of plant-based food or beverage into a complete product in two weeks. Using the structure, manufacturers can define the product specifications they want, by building a comprehensive portfolio of solutions from Planners and tailored to their needs.

Customers can browse a variety of recipes from cheese, dairy products and meat products options. Mayonnaise can be combined with it, and soon there will be a variety of baked goods made from herbs and alternatives to eggs and fish products.

Planter provides its customers with experimental plant-based food innovations.

“The market for herbal products is new to many of our customers. At the beginning of a joint project, there is often a common ground where the customer learns about all the opportunities and the ingredients of the planters,” said Dr. Dorothy Payne, Planter’s product management manager, to FoodIngredientsFirst.

“Plantbaser is the first step in supporting BDB digitalization in the B2B food sector. We are working on additional food categories that will be released soon.

Plantbaser shows which proteins are suitable for certain products. (Credit Planteneers)Fast customization
With Plantbaser, manufacturers of herbal foods can easily see how different ingredients interact with each other in custom products. The forum shows which proteins are suitable for certain products.

For example, a company that wants to make a plant-based alternative to traditional yogurt can choose from a variety of protein sources, including nuts, raw, rye, and rice. You can also specify allergens that should not be present in the product under any circumstances.

Other parameters are product technology and product base. Features such as fat and protein content, color, texture, and taste can be described separately.

“We’ve done a lot of digitalization in the production process. If you look at the overall development process, in our view, it makes sense to shorten the first phase of the project from the definition of the product to the first sample,” said Dr. Matthias Moser, managing director of Food Resources.

“With Plantbaser, many coordination processes can be reduced to the required minimum, and the customer can quickly and efficiently market a new product.”

No experience with herbs is required
For traditional meat and dairy producers, Plantbaser offers the key benefits of not having any plant-based knowledge.

Their customers can focus on a wide range of marketing aspects, such as examining what is on the market and filling in what gaps in their supply.

Plantbaser shows videos that show the user’s real-time experience of how a user can switch between selected properties such as color and texture.

“For this visualization, we have made countless videos of products to see what the final product looks like on the screen. You can immediately see how the composition changes if you increase or decrease the fat content,” Dr. Moser commented.

“The biggest challenge was to present the properties, such as taste and texture, in a way that was visually appealing and selective for the customer,” Dr. Payne added.

Within 15 to 20 minutes, the customer can order the sample by assembling the desired product. (Credit Planteneers) NPD within 15 minutes
Within 15 to 20 minutes, the customer can order the sample by assembling the desired product.

The sample is ready after two weeks, ready-to-taste product or can be processed by the customers themselves as flour.

The ready-to-eat version of the product comes as a set of four products, with a maximum of up to three sets per order. It is the same in powder form, it is found in three different grammar.

Samples are free of charge because of the cost of producing, handling and shipping the products.

When the customer orders a product sample, you will find a list of items and specifications as well as step-by-step preparation instructions and details on the required production equipment.

Companies can check the status of sample orders in their personal customer account where product details are displayed.

If the sample meets all the requirements, the customer can order the relevant compounds directly from the planter sales team. If the taste or texture is not yet in place, a new configuration may be ordered.

Planters have recently introduced new hybrid solutions to improve dynamic solutions. (Credit Client Planteneers)From Tech to Table
Technological advances have created major innovation opportunities for the entire F&B industry, which has inspired Inova market awareness.Tech to the tableThe third major trend for 2022.

From product concept to sales, Advances With AI, blockchain, machine learning, robotics and the Internet of Things (IOT), the food bar is expected to rise in the future.

“Digitalization is making great strides in B2B. Stern-Waywill Group CEO Torston Wewill comments Digital customer communication is already commonplace.

“Developing a device that saves our customers a lot of time and money in digital product development was a logical result for us.”

Creativity of Plant Creators Highway
Plants have access to about 100 R&D specialists and a wide range of application technologies in Ahenburg, Germany. As part of the Technology Center, the plant-based fitness center, established in 2019, is an innovative pool of alternative solutions for planners.

Last August, the German nutritionist developed two new solutions for mixed plants and animal products. fiildMeat + and fiildDairy +, Which can help reduce the amount of meat or milk in meat or dairy products by half.

In March, the company developed a range of textured vegetable proteins and plant-based binders. fiildTex and fiildFish To help producers pack free seafood with vegan sushi, salmon and tuna options.

By Benjamin Ferrer

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