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Game on – OLG wants you

We say GAME ON, and we mean! There is a big change in the gaming industry and beyond. You want to be empowered to take advantage of opportunities for growth; To be part of a bold change to take customer success to a new level? OLG is striving to be the game market leader and first choice for entertainment. We are ready to take this game to the next level and we want a deep feeling Product Designers It is responsible for developing world-class consumer digital gaming experiences that contribute to the growth, engagement and loyalty of our customers. We are looking for strong creative and technical designers who will thoroughly explore the details of our production practices and participate from idea to production. The best candidate is successful in conceptualizing and designing digital product experiences for mobile and web applications that generate significant revenue, growth and retention.

OLG understood. Product Designers Usually specialize in specific practice areas such as User Design (UX) or User Interface (UI) / Visual Design. We are looking to enhance our design experience with individuals who bring unique skills and knowledge to the table as well as those who are interested in sustainable development and learning. If you are a multi-disciplinary designer or have special skills that you believe are relevant to our design work, please be sure to highlight them in your application.

Your role in the game

Reporting to VP, Digital Customer Experience and Design, authorizes you to do the following:

Partner in user experience design for mobile and web applications

  • Collaborate with practical stakeholders to understand requirements, and provide innovative, thoughtful solutions
  • Introduce designs through browser research methods
  • Run the UX product design process from end to end, including individual development and use, work histories, travel maps, wire drawing and prototyping, user testing and high-fidelity images.
  • Have a strong understanding of accessible design principles and AODA / WCAG compliance
  • Be responsible for developing and exporting high-quality designs of new features and writing solutions for visual and interaction problems quickly

Develop workflows and critical thinking tools for product development

  • Develop and develop a digital design system to deliver a consistent experience on platforms (web, mobile application)
  • Design, plan, execute, and measure UX / UI upgrades.
  • Supporting good user experience on our teams and on the platform
  • Sharing and reviewing your designs based on stakeholder interviews, peer feedback and test results

Establish critical relationships and relationships

  • Successful candidates will have the experience and knowledge to build and maintain transit relationships in tight and fast-paced digital production teams.
  • Product designers work closely with product owners, customer awareness specialists, analytics leaders and developers (among others) to understand, design and test the product development life cycle.
  • Provide customer engagement thinking and advocate as a customer voice within the product team structure

What you need to play

Cooperation and entertainment; A holistic and collaborative approach to creating joy and happiness in our work

Loyalty and faithfulness; Do the right thing and move with clarity and clarity

Management change Familiarity with change management requirements to redesign for successful organizational effectiveness

Optimization With confidence, he can use short clear language by facilitating work sessions and presentations about OD changes at all levels of the organization.

Concept; Strong conceptual thinking and visionary effective organizational design using the best knowledge in practical principles

Knowledge and work experience

  • 2-5 years experience in designing responsive web and native mobile experiences.
  • Workshop design, modesty and optimization skills and a team to achieve the goals of the production team.
  • Demonstrates a strong understanding of customer engagement, UX workflow and in-depth business implications, and other design thinking practices.
  • Experience in designing and delivering quality products to consumers on both websites and mobile platforms.
  • Ability to design clear and creative artifacts (e.g., individual travel maps, task flows, wire frames, jokes, and prototypes to guide the team).
  • Visual design skills (for example, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite), including the use of a variety of software packages.
  • Domain knowledge and experience with client research methods and tools.
  • Ability to design clear and creative artifacts (e.g., workflows, wire frames, jokes, and prototypes to guide the team).
  • Planning and conducting user research, usage testing, A / B testing, and rapid prototyping experience.
  • His experience as a designer in the Agil team is further enhanced.

Education: Degree in design or design-related discipline (industrial design, user-centric design, visual design, design strategy, design management, human conditions, psychology, human-computer interaction, etc.).


  • Strong communication skills with the ability to define and optimize design based on the value to the user and the business.
  • Ability to work efficiently within a team, including incorporating ideas into concrete design implications.
  • Convenient to work with fast return times and deadlines

Benefits of joining the group

Part of a large picture A socially responsible company that gives all profits to the state and people of Ontario

Dynamic work environment; To help balance both work and life

Important: Family-friendly work experience and distance work

Freedom of Creation It supports new and better ways to be successful

Be real yourself An environment that sees diversity as a source of strength

Learn Gallery 24-7 Find Strong Online Learning Programs

Public Service Retirement Plan Participate in a large-scale benefit plan sponsored by the Ontario Government

Learn about OLG – GAME ON!

The purpose of OLG is to provide the best entertainment experiences for our customers and to provide a better Ontario. We a A multi-billion dollar organization It has a wide range of businesses, including lotteries, land-based casinos, digital lottery and gambling, horse racing and charity games. OLG is in the midst of a major transformation that is focused on customer congestion and taking our digital businesses to new heights.

It is the key to our success. Our people. Our culture is based on a true, positive partnership that embraces trust, openness and transparency in everything we do. We support and encourage greater accountability, leadership development and growth opportunities for staff and teams within the organization. OLG is embracing family-friendly work experiences, including more flexible work options and distance work.

Equality, diversity and inclusion The cornerstone of our values ​​of respect, loyalty, stewardship and excellence are important elements of our culture. At OLG, our employees have the opportunity to be themselves and use their views and skills to benefit the people and districts of Ontario.

As we reshape and grow our businesses, we remain resilient in the pursuit of our goals, and make sure our businesses are meaningful. Benefits for the people of Ontario. OLG net profits will be invested back into the district, contributing to the quality of life of Ontarians.

Go to our website to learn more about OLG www.olg.ca.

Interested applicants must apply online by November 12, 2021.

OLG is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing employment in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Ontario Accessibility Act. Please find human resources at careers@olg.ca If you want accommodation at any time during the hiring process.

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity; However, only the individuals selected for the interview will be contacted.