Transportation b London TfL has called on an unknown group to block ads for unlicensed financial products after a three-week poster campaign for crypto token.

Flower posters, called Mem coin Elon Musk, Appeared last month on buses and underground stations in London.

When Bitcoin was invented, Dogecoin. But digital tokens remain unchecked in the UK and many other countries, and some have been used as scams.

Cyan Berry, a member of the Green Party London Council, has asked London Mayor Sadiq Khan about the poster campaign. She said: “This red flag and someone in TFL This had to be looked at before it was approved. We have guidelines for junk food and advertising.

She said TfL has received three ads for crypto products in recent weeks, including Flickr Inun. “If the ad said, ‘This is completely out of control, you could lose all your money,’ they should have had a second thought. I don’t think crypto ads should be on the network. They are immoral. ”

There is no evidence that the bodies behind Flockki Inu are fraudsters but digital tokens can be used in “pump and drop” scams, with a small number of investors turning their attention to coins, sometimes using internet influences, and then making huge profits. Dispose of their property after the price has increased.

A token based on the Netflix show at the end of October Squid game It raised the price of 310,000% in one day to $ 2,856. But The value has fallen Within hours and anonymous developers behind Squid Token disappeared, earning at least $ 2 million.

Kim Kardashian West.
Kim Kardashian West paid to promote the cryptocurrency created by unknown developers. Photo Dead Mario Anzuni / Reuters

Charles Randell, Chairman of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in September He called on the ministers. Kim Kardashian was hired a month ago by unidentified developers to give them control over Cryptosis after being paid to promote West Ethereum Max.

TfL b Observer “I miss $ Doge? $ Find Floki.

The Floki Inu Coin Promotion Website did not provide the names or addresses of the participants and did not respond to the real Floki Inu Twitter account. ObserverRequest for information about the person or individuals behind Floki Inu.

The same questions posed by FT last month went unanswered, but an interesting person named himself as the team’s head of marketing said the campaign was intended to “legitimize” the coin and “find a lot of fraudulent artists in this game.”

BBC Podcast Presenter Jamie Bartlett The Lost CryptoqueenHe said he was surprised to see Floki’s ads.

“Some people think all cryptocurrencies are fraudulent, but they are designed by technical people who are pioneers in understanding encryption and how these coins can be used as a banking system.

He said the new mem coins are a response to that concern. “They use funny internet memories – Dogecoin is ridiculously based on the famous 4chan dog meme, although no one can explain exactly why. Mem coins are returned to that player’s internet subculture.

“Now the people who are promoting these nonsense jokes seem to be another step, another level of danger. People lose a lot of money on these speculative crypto investments. From a moral standpoint, I think TFL should consider it wise to have these types of ads on their buses.

“We have asked our advertising partners to review all cryptocurrency advertising before 2018 on our assets,” said Chris Reader, head of commercial media at TfL. We are currently reviewing a copy of the copycat brands you want to promote on our property. [Advertising Standards Authority] Buying “

Last year, the Treasury advised that cryptoassets should be covered by financial promotion rules. An FCA spokesperson said: “FCA currently does not have the authority to monitor how undocumented cryptocurrencies, such as Flash Inu, are introduced to users. We will continue to work with HM Treasury on proposing to extend financial promotion rules to uncontrolled cryptocurrencies.

“The FCA has consistently warned of the threat of crypto assets. If people invest in these products, they should be prepared to lose all their money and have no chance of getting any improvement or compensation.