Inside Intelligence spoke to Kate Maccabi, vice president of Brooklyn Production, a luxury bedding company. Brooklyn is a Brooklyn-based company founded by Vicki and Rich Fullop and has seen a gap in the luxury bedding products market.

MacCabe directs Brooklyn digital production space and controls customer experience online. Prior to Brooklyn, MacCabe worked in digital product management at companies such as Rothy’s and Ancestry.

Internal Intelligence Crisis: How does Brooklyn stand out in its ecommerce experience?

Kate Makab Depress We are not trying to recreate the wheel. We want people to come to our website and learn how to browse through the various product categories and then easily purchase when ready.

However, being able to buy all the different items that make for a good bedtime routine – bed sheets, pillowcases, bread covers – in a packaged format will help the user get their final result quickly. That’s what makes us stand out – by providing the product package developer and simplifying the process for the customer to choose bedding products.

II ፡ How should retailers improve their customers’ online shopping experience?

Km away Users have custom models designed for ecommerce user trips. Many ecommerce companies have homepage, pdp, product listing and test flow.

Online shopping is second nature to customers, so as a business, you need to pay attention to what you do left and right. Then make a decision: Do we rely on what the rest of the market will do? Or is there something special about our business model where we promote creative ecommerce travel to buy this product?

For example, we are testing our customization offer because we realize that we may be over-customizing. We allow users to select for each single product, size offer and color preference, which is equal to multiple clicks. Our data shows that most customers are choosing the same color and size, although they can choose a custom color and size for each. So we are trying to get the customer to create their package and choose their size and color at once. For those who want to mix and match products, we want to create the best possible experience, even if it is not difficult with choices.

II ፡ How to approach Brooklyn Universal Channel to expand its offerings?

Km away We do not need more than one development strategy. Retail is a pillar in which we think we can get a lot of customers — both new customers who have never heard of a brand and who want to try and go with the products. In addition, we are doing things like giving priority to our loyalty program to those who have purchased from us in the past.

Our loyalty program allows consumers to build points, donate points to a human endeavor, or use them as a discount on their next purchase.

II ፡ How did consumer relationships with brand change over the past year?

Km away The biggest change was in terms of interest. When everyone is allowed to move in, we have seen the huge investment in making their home comfortable. He spent many more hours in our home looking at how to make our customers’ homes safer and more secure.

With the world slowly reopening, we are seeing that trend in terms of investment to ensure that your home is a place where you can have everything you need for your comfort. As a brand, we are committed to bringing comfort to the world in all our product offerings.

II: What are some of the things you want to see in the e-commerce industry?

Km away The technology space in the ecommerce is very congested. In terms of how to make ecommerce businesses more successful, there is a huge competition going on to enhance the experience of third-party plugins, applications and platforms.

I am thrilled to see changes taking place when we and other retailers welcome additional technology partners such as Shopify to provide customers with the best digital experience. There are many solutions to find out and check out our product offerings.