San Francisco, November 18, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Roostify, a leading mortgage technology provider, has partnered with a lender. The partnership will help lend two different Roostify products by integrating Pender Value Motor (PPE) services with Roostify Platform.

First, Roostify enables borrowers to market and leverage their PPE-led lending and purchasing experience with their website. Lenders can turn these reports into loan applications, closing more debt quickly and allowing borrowers to more efficiently evaluate mortgage loan options.

The partnership will improve the Roostify Credit Officer product comparison and selection tool, allowing loan officers to quickly access home loan production and pricing information and build conditions at any time during the lending process. Loan officers can verify daily rates, pricing and related estimated monthly payments, closing costs and initial eligibility instantly, even from the office. The result is more complete and feasible loans for fast and high quality closing loans to the lending system, with added value for both Roostify customers and LOS partners.

Common customers can quickly leverage these capabilities through Roostify’s simple, easy-to-configure console for both products.

“Our integration with the lender price will determine what our products can do and what lenders need: to implement a simple and highly reliable solution digitally and further improve the mortgage process,” said Roostify co-founder and CEO. Rajesh Bhat. “Through reliable integration of credit, pricing and customer data, these products enable lenders to control the high speed, control and mortgage application process in key decisions and lenders effectively meet the changing needs of borrowers.”

“We have built our API to enable mortgage technology providers to build competitive, market-leading mortgage pricing features.” Says the chief executive of the lender price Dawar Alimi. “Our partnership with Roostify strengthens lenders’ ability to easily integrate mortgage technology into their digital strategy and create a more cost-effective user experience for borrowers.”

This integration, along with other recently announced data services such as the Roostify Document Intelligence Service, demonstrates its commitment to building a truly data-driven home loan experience for Roostify. Roostify uses the power of information to speed up the lending process and enable lenders to make better loan decisions faster.

About Roostify

Based on San Francisco, Roostify was established in 2012 to update and simplify the directive, create a more efficient mortgage process and a more enjoyable experience for both the customer and the lender. Today, Roostify is helping lenders do more. $ 50 billion Monthly loans, from large corporations to rich independent brokers. We encourage lenders to speed up and streamline the loan process.

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About the lender price

Lender Price a CaliforniaMortgage technology developer, including advanced production, pricing and efficiency (PPE) engine, digital credit point (POS) and non-agency automated scripting engine. Lender Value Provides advanced technology designed to avoid misunderstandings, increase transparency, and effectively engage all types of mortgage lending institutions – wholesale and reporter lenders, banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers.

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