San Francisco – (–RudderStack today announced a partnership with Width (Nasdaq: AMPL) To enable companies to gain in-depth product insights faster. Amplitude, a pioneer in digital optimization, helps businesses close the gap between product data, awareness and action with a digital enrichment system. The system provides businesses with everything they need to understand customer behavior, predict useful outcomes and improve digital product experiences. RudderStack, the developer’s customer data platform, provides plug-and-play data pipelines that make it easy for businesses to stream real-time feature data directly from each webpage and app to Amplitude.

Together, RUDDERStack and Amplitude help businesses use instant data

  • Reliable event data as it occurs – RudderStack’s Event Stream delivers feature information instantly to Amplitude.
  • Provide the necessary information for each group – RUDDERStack provides a complete picture of user behavior data from the company’s websites and applications, and makes it accessible to any team you want.
  • Ease of understanding and action – Amplitude Digital Optimization System provides users with everything they need to analyze their data and make quick insights.

“At Amplitude, we know that product-led growth is critical to the success of companies in the digital age,” said Lisa Hopkins, vice president of collaboration at Amplitude. Our deep partnership with Rudeststak combines our best class analytics with it. Innovative customer information platform to encourage companies to accelerate innovation and grow their business.

“At RudderStack, we believe that customer information platform businesses should make the best use of classroom equipment, not limit their ability to enable data,” said Somadab Mitra, CEO of Rudderstack. We are proud to partner with Amplutud to help companies get more value from their customers’ information faster.

For more information about RudderStack’s partnership with Amplitude, visit the following:

About amplitude

Amplitude is a pioneer in digital optimization software. “How do our digital products drive our businesses?” They rely on Amplitude to help them become faster and smarter by answering the strategic question. The Amplitude Digital Optimization System provides critical information to each team – product, marketing, developers and executive teams around new customer insights and business vision. Amplitude is the best-in-class product analysis solution at G2 # 1. Learn how to improve your digital products and business on

About RudderStack

RudderStack Warehouse: The first Customer Information Platform (CDP) was developed for developers. The company will adopt a new approach to building and deploying customer information infrastructure, making it easier to collect, integrate, modify and store customer information and securely deliver it to a variety of popular devices. To learn more, visit