Source: supplied 2021 Big 5 Series II silver elephant, obverse view

A.D. Launched in 2019, the inaugural Big Five Series II Collective Coin Collection, launched in South Africa Mint.

Source Fall – Presented 2021 Big 5 Series II Silver Elephant, Inverted View

Like the first series, this latest collection also follows a step-by-step release release every six months featuring the Lion, Rhino, Tiger and Buffalo Elephant series.

Draft Design Review

The second edition of Big 5 boasts a subtle review of reverse design.

A copy of the first edition of the Elephant Coins shows both the face and the majestic body on the left.

In the new series, the Overs of Coins is spread over the face of the animal, with the rest of the body image unseen. The long, downward-pointing teeth in the series are replaced by me. In short, the upward-pointing teeth and the elephant are parallel to the right.

The inverted design remains the same as in the previous series, with two halves in front of the animal.

New coin format and size

The most exciting additions to the Big 5 collection in the series ll are the introduction of new coin formats or sizes, which coin collectors around the world will definitely celebrate.

The coins are again available in three metals: silver, gold and platinum.

A single platinum coin is left with a single 1oz coin.

Silver Range 1oz Confirmation Coin, 1oz Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Coin Contains a unique 5 / Krugerrand Combination set in the attractive balloon folder and the ever-popular two-coin double capsule capsule. the host.

More silver coins are being considered for a later release date.

In the Gold Region, all coins are certified, and the standard 1oz coin and the Big 5 / Krugerrand combination are joined by a new single / 4oz coin and a new double-coin double capsule 1 / 4oz set.

More large quantities of gold are being explored for later release dates.

Popular Coins

South Africa’s director general, Honey Mamabolo, said: Mint

“We are proud to introduce this latest region, especially in the wake of the cholera epidemic, and to have a difficult economic time for this country and indeed for the rest of the world.

Big 5 cents have changed the game for us and they have turned our product portfolio into a top selling range, replacing only the legendary Krugerland, ”Mamabolo added.