Boston, October 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SalsaiSKUvantage has announced that it has acquired a business experience management platform that will help brands and retailers win on the digital shelf. Of Australia Leading suppliers of products and services to help retailers, distributors and manufacturers deliver engaging digital product content in less time, cost and effort.

With this acquisition, Salisbury expands its growing global footprint to this strategic market. Thousands of brands that use salicylic acid will have easy access Of Australia The largest retailers through Of Australia The most trusted product content network, SKUvantage. These companies will benefit from an integrated product experience management system and access to the fastest growing e-commerce e-commerce network in the world. According to IBIS World, the growth of online grocery shopping in Australia It has grown 90% in the last two years.

Ecommerce is becoming more and more global. However, engaging in product e-commerce experiences that should combine global content and control with local optimization. Salisbury’s mission is to enable brands and retailers to seamlessly share the best business practices in markets around the world. This purchase serves as the basis for the expansion of the company Australia, new ZealandAnd the largest APAC region.

“Many Salisbury customers are either international or aspire to be.” Jason Perscel, Co-founder and CEO of Salsafi. “SKUvantage has a large, very mature, deep business experience network. AustraliaLike Alchemics, another recent acquisition has expanded the scope of salicylic acid Europe. We can ensure that our customers are committed to providing an open world network where they can connect with their users without the hassles of rental and legal intermediaries.

A.D. Founded in 2012 by former online retailers, SKUvantage serves the product content requirements of more than 200 brands, including almost all of the world’s brands operating in. Australia And more than 80% of the 100 fast food companies (FCMGs). SKUvantage enables its customers to exchange accurate and authorized product content in a variety of sectors with their retail and wholesale customers. Australia And new Zealand. The SKUvantage platform makes it easy for hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and agencies to ensure the most accurate and complete content from SKUvantage brand customers. With this enhanced collaboration, retailers can create and enhance brand experience and product page performance on their digital shelves. Salsify and SKUvantage share many global clients, including Coca-Cola, Laurel and Mars.

SKUvantage technology and services leverage the entire product life cycle, from creation to data management to syndication. SKUvantage excels in creating photos, images, and digital enhanced content for many of its global and local customers. SKUvantage’s ability to modernize this work will increase the capacity of Salisbury’s existing customer base.

“Digital is a driving force for global business growth, as well as here AustraliaThat’s why we are very happy to join the Salsi team. ” Daniel RobertsSKUvantage co-founder and CEO. “Both companies share a vision to help brands and retailers win on the digital shelf, and they can collaborate quickly and efficiently in creating an open network world. Now we are joining forces to accelerate this journey for our customers.”

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About SKUvantage

It’s SKUvantage. Of Australia Leading Product Content Solutions Provider. It is designed to help retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers deliver engaging digital content to consumers in less time, cost and effort. SKUvantage is a unique and highly innovative technology and services suite (SKUstudio), SKUcapture, content management and distribution solution integrated solutions. This one-stop solution is used by leading manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers in the various B2C and B2B product categories, so that they can deliver their digital desires and win on the digital shelf.

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About Salsify

Salsify helps brands, distributors and retailers in more than 80 countries collaborate to win on the digital shelf. The company’s Business Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform serves as a product registration system, facilitates group shortcuts and shortcuts, and provides insights to streamline production pages on channels. The result is consumer-centered, conflict-free and memorable business practices. The best business practices on offer enhance brand trust, enhance brand diversity and diversity, increase conversion rates, improve profit margins, and accelerate marketing time.

Learn how to use Salsify on a daily basis to make the world’s biggest brands, retailers and distributors such as E.Leclerc, Carrefour, Metro and Intermarché stand out every day, including Mars, Laurel, Coca-Cola, Bosch and GSK. Digital shelf.

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