Mix panel A.D. It was a great start in 2014. $ 65 million series b At $ 865 million, a big circle and price for those days. Today, seven years after the announcement, the company has finally reached C round, with a $ 200 million investment from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities for $ 1.05 billion.

The organization Registered There are many reasons for the gap and when it will be in Tech Crunch COO elevates Amir Movafagin to chief executive A.D. It is the first step in repairing the ship in 2018.

The company later decided to close neighboring messaging and A / B testing products to focus on product analysis. As a result, Movagagi has begun working to improve customer satisfaction metrics, such as the Net Promotion Point (NPS), which was ranked 15th.

When the focus shifts to the main product, Mixpanel customer retention numbers, NPS and other related metrics are back – NPS has grown to 85 this year – and revenue has improved with these metrics this year.

“Business performance continues to accelerate, and all [reasons] The last one we gave you [we spoke] Around the company’s standards, the pace of revenue generation, all of these things continue to improve and improve, ”Movagagi told me.

A.D. When it was handed over in 2018, it was leading a company with $ 100 million in revenue and a $ 1 billion start-up. Now more than Unicorn, it will not back down, as there have been ups and downs in the company’s 12-year history.

“Our story is not a straight line, as you know. Instead, they were for sure [points] At that point, we had to take the goods and finally get the company back on track. He believes they may have been too early to market, but as the digital transformation accelerated during the epidemic, all types of companies needed to analyze the product information provided by Mixpanel. Now the company can take advantage of the new investment.

Davy Awad, Managing Director of Bay Capital Tech Opportunities, said Movagagi was pleased with the company’s handling of the transition.

“Amir spent a lot of time thinking about the category, how the product fits, what it is [market] The company was successful and doubled its production and the much-needed product-led sales process was very complex and required a lot more hiring, ”he said.

But beyond Movagagi’s leadership, he ultimately loves the company’s focus and believes product analysis is still a young market with a lot of potential. Baine Movagagi believes his focus on the core product analytics market and the delivery of messaging and A / B testing is the right way to go.

XPanel currently has the capital to invest in market share in partnership and other means, and continues to invest in its target customers.

The company Founded in 2009 by Suhail Doshi and Tim Trefren, it has raised $ 277 million so far this year, according to Crunchbez. From its inception to 2018, Doshi has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Trustees.