new York, November 16, 2021 (PRNewswire) – SLS, Mondrian and Hyde Hotel today announced an international partnership with Barilla Group, the world’s largest pasta manufacturer. The partnership brings a series of blends and product stimuli to guests who offer the best barilla products, both of which are rich in outdoor dining and travel around the world.

SLS, Mondrian and Hyde Hotels form part of Enismore, a cultural and community-based innovative hospitality company, international entrepreneurship and founder-built brand at heart.

Michelle Canyoto, Chief Partner Officer and Onismore Product Marketing EVP;Our commitment to partnering with like-minded brands continues to bring guests unique and unexpected experiences. Barilla is at the forefront of excellent pasta making and we are committed to providing our guests with authentic and sophisticated food. We can’t wait to bring our guests a series of pasta designs, dishes, special events and programs for our brands in Barilla.. “

Our common love for food emissions, gestronomy and creativity creates recipes for a successful global partnership.Justin Steinbach, VP Global Foodservice, Barilla Group. “We work with unique award-winning chefs, featuring custom-made 3D pasta shapes and unique recipes for the brands, as well as a series of food displays and ‘La Vita Pasta’ recipes with award-winning chefs.

Along with La Vita Pasta culinary experiences – leading chefs choose their signature pasta dishes from the new menu – guests can sample these dishes at their favorite SLS, Mondrian and Hyde hotels from time to time. For those who are unlucky enough to have one of these chefs in person, the collaboration will be shared on social media channels, so you can follow it at home. Barilla will also be a partner in the SLS Baha’i honey flavor. Bahamas (November 5) And the taste of SLS South Beach, Miami (November 11), Bring a comprehensive range of recipes and bites and ingredients for hotel guests and local caterers.

Enismore continues to expand its strategic partnership with international brands – including Fortune 500 – in automotive, communications, beverage and financial services, products and services. This new partnership includes Danon, Chess Sapphire, Lincoln Motor Company, Tidal, Terabybe, Lavaza, Redbull, DOGPOUND, GoldSheep, Glossleb and Y7 Studio.

About Enismore

Enismore is a cultural and community-based innovation hospitality company, with global entrepreneurship and founding brands in mind. Creates and manages unique assets and experiences in some of the most exciting destinations in the world. The Inismore team is comprised of some of the brightest designers, thinkers and makers – both in-house and out of the industry – including in-house creative studios, a fully integrated F&B concept platform and a digital product and technology innovation lab. Inspiring discoveries.

A.D. Founded in 2011 by Entrepreneur Sharan Pasricha, Inismor and Accor have partnered in 2021 to create the world’s fastest-growing lifestyle hosting company, consolidate portfolio of world-class brands, build Inismore brands with creative history, design and real-world experience, balance with Accor’s, network growth and distribution.

Under leadership Sharan Pasricha, Co-founder and CEO, and Gaurav Bushan., Co-CEO, Inismore includes a collection of 14 hotel and cooperative brands and more than 150 cultural related and unique restaurants and nightlife destinations. The portfolio includes 87 movable properties worldwide, in addition to 141 hotels in various regions with high growth in Houston, Mondran, SLS, SO / and Tribe; Complete with major restaurant brands Bibo, Karna, Filia and Siberd.

Enismore is listed as one of the world’s fastest-growing companies by 2020 and 2021. Rank 29 in FT1000: Europe Fast-growing companies; And is part of the FT Future 100 – one of the fastest growing UK sectors.

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About Barilla

Founded in 1877 as a family-owned company, Barila Group sells 16 pasta, desserts, ready meals and baked goods on four continents. His ‘Barilla for Professionals’ section connects food industry professionals with high-quality knowledge of Barila products and recipes. He is proud to support his partners in the food service industry through various challenges and changes in order to continually deliver guest-inspired gastrointestinal experiences.

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