Portland, OR And Santa Clara, California, November 3, 2021 PRNewswire – Today, it announced that it will acquire the digital safe archive and risk management portfolio from MicroSecurity, which is expected in the first calendar, enabling companies to control their risk and determine the value of their electronic communications. 2022 Quarter.

The addition of a digital safety customer base, technology and team of experts strengthens the position of the smartwatch in the enterprise database and accelerates the implementation of the global growth strategy.

“Solving the complex archives, compliance and non-acquisition needs of the largest regulated multi-national companies requires scale, flexibility and support infrastructure,” he said. Brian Kramer“This purchase connects two experienced leaders, both of whom have proven experience in supporting our clients.”

Supported by Artificial Intelligence and the world’s leading cloud infrastructure provider, Smarsh is well positioned to meet the growing demand for advanced and advanced archives, compliance and e-discovery. – National organizations. It currently serves more than 6,500 customers, including many international and US investment and commercial banks.

“We are pleased to welcome customers and staff to the Smarsh family,” Kramer added. “Existing common customers will continue to benefit from this alliance through their communications infrastructure and communication strategy.

In today’s hybrid population, the size and type of electronic communications that regulatory agencies need to maintain and monitor is growing at an unprecedented rate. Streamlined collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Groups and Zoom are essential for the Gibrid office, but they also create multi-modal communication information (chat, voice, etc.) that needs to be monitored, maintained and monitored.

Meanwhile, international regulators are using artificial intelligence in member organizations’ monitoring and inspection, and are actively monitoring gaps in record keeping and monitoring. The SEC has collected records $ 4.7 billion In 2020, penalties and FINRA enforcement issues were added to the board.1 Global data privacy and data residency requirements are also becoming more complex, with new guidelines being implemented in many parts of the world. As a result, organizations need greater deployment efficiency to meet those judicial requirements.

“This is a strong strategic move for Digital Safe and Smarsh’s customer base, a major global innovation and growth,” he said. Scott RichardsSenior VIP and Data Management and Administration at MicroSocus. “Smarsh has developed its reputation and reputation for its ongoing innovation in electronic communications and cloud deployment through artificial intelligence and cloud deployment.

The digital security business includes additional offerings for digital security products and social media management, supervisor and editorial.

“Both Marsh and Micro Focus have a strong heritage in the archives, and they have a lot of experience in archiving,” he said. Stephen Marsh, March founder and chairman. “An experienced partner and the right strategy to maintain and monitor electronic communications has never been more important. It is improving, the current situation is not a strategy, this challenge will not go away and solving the problem will be more difficult, expensive and more dangerous in the future.

Smarsh manages billions of messages every month via email, social media, mobile / text messaging, instant messaging and collaboration, web and voice channels. The company has experience in serving international financial institutions and US-based asset management companies in both the brokerage and RIA divisions.

1 https://www.smarsh.com/blog/thought-leadership/enforcement-2020-highlights-from-regulatory-year-like-no-other/

About your nails
Smarsh is an internationally recognized leader in e-commerce solutions. Provides innovation, record keeping, e-discovery and monitoring solutions across the industry’s wide range of communications.

A measurable, Smarsh platform for customers of all sizes provides customer-based compliance. When new communication channels are implemented, it allows them to systematically secure the future and gain greater understanding and value than the information in the archive. Customers strengthen their compliance and e-discovery initiative, and benefit from productive email, social media, mobile / text messaging, instant messaging and collaboration, web and voice channels.

Smarsh serves a global customer base that covers top banks North America And EuropeWith major brokerage firms, insurers and registered investment advisors. Smarsh allows federal and state government agencies to meet their public records and e-discovery requirements. For more information, visit www.smarsh.com.

About micro focus
Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) Is a global enterprise software company that supports global 2000 technology needs and challenges. Our product portfolios are security, IT operation management, app supply management, data management and administration and app updating and communication. Visit att for more information www.microfocus.com.

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