Snap is releasing a new global, multi-format ad offering to enable shoppers to improve their purchases on Snap and anticipate how to approach advertising.

Launched on November 16, multi-format delivery allows brands to purchase multiple ad formats on Snap into a single ad collection, which facilitates customer-centric goals.

The launch will include all Snap Video ad formats: Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads and Commercials and Snap’s camera offerings (added reality) by 2022 Q2.

Snap continues to market AR’s core acquisition efficiency by bringing self-service AR in Q1 into multi-format offerings.

Snap was the first platform to launch a self-contained lens, followed by the launch of Snap’s Lens auction. Enabling multi-format delivery, this exciting next product allows AR and Video to improve together – the industry’s first new product will fundamentally change the way brands and advertisers think about buying media on Snap, much more. To drive product performance. These improvements lay the foundation for a significant evolution in advertising purchasing awareness, behavior, and performance. This allows Snap’s bidding flexibility to provide customers with the most suitable stock for the market value and purpose.

Reporting multi-format presentation ad sets are divided into ad formats, so buyers can evaluate the efficiency of each format and how it contributes to overall brand performance. While the core experience remains relatively consistent, how Snap replicated the formats, and the different campaign criteria were selected in the shopping experience is more flexible for buyers.

The product will be unique in that it will be different from one set of ads, allowing you to determine the best collection to meet the selected formats, goals, audience and bids.

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