New York, October 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today Mojito, A new NFT Commerce Group, has announced a $ 20 million fundraiser for the first round of funding at a cost of $ 100 million. With strategic investments Sotheby’s, The world’s leading destination for art and luxury, and Link VentureInvestment Partnership between Entertainment and Sports AgencyCAA) And Venture Capital Enterprise New Enterprise PartnersNEA), Mojito is out of the spotlight and is launching a top-notch business to sell digital products. Perfect Venture for the Future He led the round with additional involvement with Mur Strategic Ventures. CMT Digital, Spermation, And Ancient. Mojito is the first product to be released. Serotonin, Premier Web3 Marketing Company and Venture Studio.

Demand for digital items has grown exponentially, largely due to NFT’s popularity of digital art and collections. A.D. By 2021 Q3, the global NFT market has reached $ 10.7 billion By sales volume. However, much of the value of NFT sales has been realized by a group of crypto artists and collectors, and brands and founders have left few options to strategically enter the NFT space for their business. Moreover, the biggest economic opportunity for digital goods is still untapped – for brands and valued IP owners to invest their assets in new virtual environments, creating ways for their most valuable customers to engage and reward. When consumers spend a lot of time and money on digital spaces, copyright holders can generate assets as low-cost digital goods, which can reach a global digital connected audience at no cost to any product or supply chain. Mojito will seize this growing market opportunity and serve as a bridge between world-renowned brands and the next generation of digital consumers.

Mojito’s all-in-one solution is being used today to create valuable IP revenue, open up new opportunities and engage users in the digital ecosystem. Mojito investor Sostebis is using the recently launched Mojito technology. Sotheby’s MetersA limited market for rare and unusual NFTs at Sotheby’s. Through its strategic partnership with Mojito, Sostebis became the first auction house and one of the few institutions around the world, serving as a destination for NFT drops and bids, as a destination for NFT drops and bids. The most important industrial activity.

Sotheby’s CEO Charles F. Stuart spoke about Mojito “After working with this team for the past several months, we are pleased to work with Mojito to establish a Sotheby’s Meteorological Power and a platform to explore other NFT opportunities. Sostebis is in a unique position to leverage our knowledge and expertise in the growing world of digital native art, and Mojito’s partnership is beyond our reach.

CAA President Jim Burton added:As we work in the NFT space, Mojito has grown in interest in the real solutions he is bringing to market. We look forward to establishing a strategic partnership with Mojito, which will enable us to bring more and more variety of NFT opportunities to our customers.

According to Mojito’s investor, Future Perfect Ventures founder and general partner Jalal Jobanputra,Since 2014 we have been active investors in the crypto and NFT ecosystems and are excited to partner with Mojito to develop solutions for key brands that are tailored to their most valuable assets, but open markets.. ”

The Mojito business suite is based on the Mojito platform, which provides innovations for brand flexibility, sustainable royalties, authorized access, seamless crypto management, security and, most importantly, market innovation. The platform is optimized to work with applications built on Ethereum and EVM-compatible technologies to prevent Mogito Partner assets and users from being locked into individual and centralized networks. This connection allows Mojito customers to access emerging Web 3 innovations such as DeFi, Decentralized Enterprises (DAOs) and open source environments on Metaverse.

Mojito was created by serotonin co-founders Amanda Cassat and Matthew Eles and serotonin technology chief Dan Kinsley. Kinsley leads Mojiton as CEO with blockchain engineers and product development team with extensive experience in Facebook, Consent, General Assembly and BridgeWater. Mojito CEO Dan Kinsley said:Mojito is unlocking the ability to bring any type of IP to Metaverse, which we believe will be the next Internet evolution. We are thrilled to have the support of investors, celebrities, athletes and brands who realize the great potential of engaging their audiences with our technologies in a meaningful new way.

The Mojito team uses the money to integrate the supporting Web 3 technology with customized APIs and SDKs, enabling any brand to easily connect with Mojito Suite to bring the most valuable IP to the new digital audience. Consumers.

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Connectic Ventures is an investment partnership between the Entertainment and Sports Agency’s Creative Arts Agency (CAA) and the New Venture Capital Enterprise New Enterprise (NEA). A.D. Launched in 2020, Connection Ventures will bring CAA resources, connections and knowledge to the global entertainment and sports landscape and in-depth domain and NEA world-class technology experience to accelerate the growth of pre-consumer-focused businesses. Partnerships include Spire Animation, FightCamp, Blacktag, Excel, OpenSea and Mojito among others.

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