According to the IT-Novarika report, the main routes for new business submissions are divided into three categories: Delegate Delay Delays, Digital Delays and Process Delays. Delays in the delivery process are slowing down sales cycles and hurting the consultant and customer experience.

“The internal complexity of many life insurance products makes a significant difference in the time required to go through a written review and policy,” he explained. Paul Legutco, Senior Principal in IT-Novarica. “Some insurers recognize that delays are inevitable, but data pre-filling, fast pricing, AMS integration, third-party data and other capabilities can speed up the process and eliminate NIGO entries.”

More key findings from the report

  • CIAs believe it is the key to improving the quality of communication and delivery as digital channel sales increase.
  • While Agent Portal is the most widely used channel for new business submissions, life insurers note that they oppose digital adoption and are surprised that agents do not use portal, e-applications, and digital marketing extensively.
  • As large agencies, brokers, and BGAs demand faster and more flexible compensation arrangements, insurers feel the increasing pressure to integrate direct information with agency systems – more than 65% of CIOs agents feel completely dissatisfied with compensation technology.

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