Springfield Solutions has launched a full-fledged digital label for a simple tin application that is said to be “printed out of print”.

Hull-based accounting specialist said this in his new Digican product. A high-quality full-coverage digital label is first applied to a flat sheet of cardboard and then glued to the top and bottom of the sheet. As a result, blood flows into the seam, giving the label the appearance of a fully sealed plate.

Springfield said the benefits of the product include low order size zero, reduced cost and storage requirements, personalization of accounts and flexibility.Brands can order the packaging they need and when they need it.

Matt Dass, Managing Director of Springfield Solutions, said. Publishing Week: “Digikan is the culmination of a series of digital full-length decorating solutions that have been listening to our customers’ opinions for over 10 years.

“The ability to decorate cans with labels is nothing new, but the implementation of digitally printed labels before the cans were created allows Digican to eliminate the gaps at the top and bottom of the current posted cans.

“In order to create a pre-decorated full height, customers need to order a small amount of sealed cans that require smaller orders, longer lead time and more storage.

Springfield Solutions earlier this year Project 21 has begun., Which will double the logistics and raw material space by an additional 372 square meters in two new rooms, the new space will be launched directly in June.

This summer, the business has invested in the screening of TrueSpres Jet L350 + LM Low-Speed ​​Color Digital Press – the company’s fifth digital press – and AB Graphic Digicon Series 3 inline device, as well as the AB Graphic Omega SRI label completion line.

The company was founded in 1975 by Albert Das. Moved to digital printing in 1996 and also includes digital self-adhesive labels, services including brand management and packaging mockery. Customers include beauty brands, artisans, healthcare and industrial businesses.