• The microgrid control laboratory serves as a manual tool that simulates a modern grid control unit
  • A new research space to help future engineers learn the key issues and opportunities that energy companies are facing to ensure grid stability and reliability & CurlyQuote

Today, Florida Power and Lighting Company (FPL) and GE Digital Celebrates the opening of the new microgrid control laboratory. University of Central Florida The UCF laboratory serves as a state-of-the-art research institute and the Faculty of Engineering and Student Control. FPL and GE Digital are co-sponsoring the laboratory at UCF, which provides control center tools and software for students to simulate and test real-time grid control functions, including finding ways to secure and maintain future grids.

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“The MicroGrid Control Laboratory provides unprecedented access to a state-of-the-art grid control center that allows some of the brightest minds in the country to collaborate, learn and rethink tomorrow’s energy grid.” CurlyDoubleQuote; As the sun, as it expands and improves, the technology behind the grid must continue. It is important that the talents of electrical and computer engineering have real-world experience in hardware and software rather than delivering a reliable supply of clean energy on the grid. ”

At the opening ceremony of the laboratory today, the leaders of the three organizations participated in a panel discussion on the role of engineering graduates in the energy sector and discussed full-time employment opportunities. FPL and GE Digital together have about 400 former UCF alumni in their workforce.

GE Digital today announced a new action plan that will invest in the development of the team and future grid engineering leaders. The program provides UCF students with in-depth experience in the utility and energy sectors and helps students develop analytical and software development skills using new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Currently, more than 1,400 UCF undergraduate and postgraduate students are studying subjects that support electrical or computer engineering – energy systems and electrical networks. Another 500-plus UCF students indicated that they plan to pursue electrical or computer engineering courses as soon as the prerequisite is completed.

UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science Power and Renewable Energy Track offers as part of its undergraduate programs. It also offers postgraduate certification in sustainable and robust power systems. RISES – Resilient, Intelligent and Sustainable Energy Systems – UCF researchers are working to develop sustainable and sustainable energy systems and storage through faculty collaboration in a number of sectors.

“This new facility will make UCF the first choice for students with future goals. It is the right kind of strategic partnership. GE Digital and FPL were both philanthropists and design partners in this laboratory. According to Alexander Cartwright. “He is a winner. Our students will receive leadership instruction in the laboratory environment, and both companies will open an amazing pipeline for their employees. ”

The laboratory at UCF is designed to resemble a micro-grid control center and is designed to operate on a small grid-free space, including solar or other renewable energy sources and battery storage.

“We look forward to bringing this new research space to UCF engineering students,” said Ed de Varona, vice president of FPL & CurlyQuote FPL & CurlyQuote. It is a training ground. & CurlyDoubleQuote;

The lab aims to provide a safe, secure, efficient, and secure distribution network with a vast potential for renewable energy, growing in the energy industry. In collaboration with industry and consumer partners, UCF continues to provide real-world opportunities for students as they prepare to enter the profession of shaping the future.

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The University of Central Florida is a public research university in Orlando. Founded in 1963, UCF and 13 colleges offer more than 220 degrees from the University & CloseCurlyQuote main campus, downtown campus, hospitality campus, health science campus, online and in various regional locations. UCF is a leader in education, partnership and research in optics and laser, modeling and simulation, engineering and computer science and video game design. According to US News and World Report, UCF ranks among the ’20 most innovative universities in the country.

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