new York, November 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Store AI, A top-of-the-line digital marketing solution for groceries Grocery stores and chains of all sizes are now more relevant and therefore more profitable to CPGs by expanding their ecommerce profit margins and adapting their digital experience to their customers.

With the recent increase in online grocery shopping, the CVD-19 epidemic has intensified, and grocers have had to change the way they sell to CPGs. Retailers used to sell in-store advertising, mainstream shelves and tasting samples to CPGs and wholesalers, a significant part of that connection has now changed online – groceries’ growing demand for ‘online space’ for CPGs is growing. To expand their revenue streams and increase the profitability of their ecommerce business. Store ai ai’s latest set of products allows retailers to strengthen their value to CPGs by providing real-time information that gives them an unmistakable amount of unique campaigns and promotions generating clicks and purchases. In addition, customer information has become an increasingly valuable commodity in the ecommerce industry, and new IT analytics capabilities will enable retailers to use the information they have acquired and generate revenue and improve their online value.

“At a time when consumer preferences and habits are changing rapidly, it is important for the grocery industry to understand how customers respond to advertising campaigns,” he said. Orley Tal, CEO, “StoreI’s latest innovations offer a win-win situation for both retailers and CPGs. They ensure game changes in accelerating and facilitating the transition to marketing.

Store. Ai Data Analysis The product portfolio enables CPGs to gain insights gathered from hundreds of partner grocery stores and chains across the network that link customer engagement to store choices or demographics such as geography. In this way, CPGs can accurately assess the impact of their online promotions, increase consumer awareness and enhance their ability to process a variety of customer demographic information. You can identify automated, real-time contact bottlenecks between retailers and CPGs, allowing the latter to take immediate promotions for offline products.

Store: ai’s new product is part of a comprehensive e-commerce, selection and supply chain for grocers who want to manage their digital transformation while maintaining their unique brand identity. In a increasingly competitive ecosystem where major players like Instarkart are creating ways to exploit consumer information. Decrease Buyers’ loyalty to individual brands, helps retailers use that data in this way. Increases Their ability to personalize e-commerce and maintain customer loyalty in line with customer preferences.


Store AI Digital Transformation Partner is a leading provider of all-round retailers and wholesalers, providing immersive and enriching experiences on in-store and out-of-store digital touch points. The StoreI technology suite, which serves as an agent of change for the industry, supports the transition of food retailers to online, complementary methods and retail catalogs into mobile-first custom-branded ecommerce experience over the course of days. The Digital Business Engine, combined with Artificial Intelligence, Optical Marketing Tools and Supply Logistics Software, enhances customer experience and loyalty and increases sales and profits. Founded in 2014, has a growing customer base and partnership with Unilever, Toshiba, Microsoft and more.

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