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Supply chain problems and chip shortages will not go away soon. Popular devices such as the PS5 or Switch OLED will continue to sell in a short time, tracking availability will be its own nesting industry. Nowadays, everything from smartphones to new cars is a rare commodity.

Google Pixel 5a is limited to two countries. The Pixel 6 Pro stock is running low.. Similarly, Samsung is said to have run out of the best Galaxy S21, but the lack of chips is said to have delayed and slowed down. Deleting S21 FE, Then abandon the plans Exynos 2200 using S22 worldwide.

And of course, Sony fails to meet the needs of the console Until 2022 (If not more).

Shortages are the new standard, but stores are pretending that nothing has changed.

Blaming companies for lack of organizations is unfair and inefficient. What is surprising and shocking is how companies and retailers have not adapted their retail system to this new standard. Buying anything in high demand is a real crapshoot. People who have time to follow home-based evacuation programs can force their way to victory, but everyone is completely lucky.

VPN offers discounted lifetime license for $ 16, monthly plans for $ 1 and more.

Companies did not stop last year. But their solutions are, in general, inadequate or unfair to users. And I don’t see much light to indicate that anything will change.

PS5 Hunting is now free to play.

Ps5 white light

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I could buy it. PS5 A.D. By the end of 2020, I used a “traditional” method to see a tweet back about the upcoming Walmart drop, set up a shop with two different browsers with my partner, and I went crazy for half an hour until I found it in the cart. . Other friends searched the PS5 collection diligently but were not blessed with random algorithms, which took almost a year to maintain.

“Retailers have not strengthened their website to prevent bots from taking over all controls.”

Console stores, which are full of pornography and bots for resellers, are more than likely to protect the PS5. You need advance warning from insiders where and when to appear. Some retailers started implementing lotteries to make things more fair, but that really didn’t solve anything.

Matt Swider, editor-in-chief of the new technology website, said: “Lotteries are the best way to control free-to-cart-cart fraud, but bots have easily found their way around them. The shortcut, Famous PS5 Recovery Guardian, and my former superintendent in Tehran.

“Retail bots have not strengthened their website to prevent bots from taking over,” he said.

Since the PS5 was one year old on November 12, commercial sites have had plenty of time to adjust their systems to address this problem. But Sweden says it has failed to make the most of the change by investing in web infrastructure.

“I’ve seen Best Buy and Walmart use new lottery systems in one recovery. They are experts in identifying ways around these security measures.”

Astros Playroom Bloodborne Ps

Most PS5 boots are not as beautiful and friendly as they are in Astro’s Playroom.Source: Bro android Central

so what they have Are these sites designed to solve the problem? Create financial barriers that often make sellers less likely to re-enter. Obstacles to passing money (correctly) on the user.

Most anti-boot devices cost sellers back to the consumer.

CNET According to a recent issue, many retailers now need an annual subscription, such as Walmart + or Gamestop PowerUp Rewards Pro, to qualify for new consoles. These artificially drive the demand for bots runners through a payroll wall that limits profitability.

Or, according to Sweden, stores are holding consoles with games or gift cards to encourage sellers because a package is hard to find. Retailers sell them “no matter how much they don’t like” because they are the “only thing” made to drive bots.

Retailers know that successful bot services can make them look bad and upset their customers. But in the end, the sale is for sale. And instead of making fundamental and costly changes to the front of the store when the epidemic occurs, it’s easier to get by selling memberships or packages to “solve” the problem.

Adjusting to the new standard

Google Pixel 6 Pro with Box

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Imagine a Black Friday doorman. People run to the front of the line, but when the cashiers try to record who’s in front, people “refresh” and take them out of the way. Eventually, the cashiers decided to have green shirts or red-haired people in front of them, while others who had arrived at the same time were told to go to the back of the line.

That is, in short, online marketing. It arises from the fact that physical and online transactions are locked away from each other, if they support each other and are reduced by physical or digital world supplies. In addition to lightning-negotiated websites such as Amazon, very few stores can handle heavy traffic at the same time for the same digital product.

Google produced and marketed its phones in a better way than in front of a store.

watch out Pixel 6 Launch. Google upgraded the phone to Android Super Fans – although it was later rejected. Pixel 6 is difficult. – And many people flocked to the site. But Google Store could not control traffic, so some people saw hidden cache messages while buying the phone. Eventually, those people passed away, and a few minutes after it opened, they saw “Sell” instead of “Buy”.

As it turns out, the Pixel 6 Pro sells in front of most stores … unless sellers consider it to be worth about $ 1,500 on Amazon and eBay. They can’t help but wonder how many pixels have been claimed by Bots than loyal customers.

Google Tensor chipset

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We cannot fully control the global silicon shortage and production restrictions on Google. But companies have a better idea of ​​how successful they are and how they can motivate their tools. Google may know that storefront will not meet your needs, but why bother? He sold his shares instantly.

Nowadays, the only way for people to get started online is to read tech blogs or click the “Notify Me” button on most sites. When you receive an email, all the techniques you know will jump on any stock and everything is worthless except that key.

We need better systems to buy not only Playstation 5 but all our devices.

If we are talking about phones, consoles or other popular technology, companies know months ago when a product will start and how much it intends to sell. So you can easily set up a virtual line like the one used by Plastic Directory, where buyers gradually enter the shopping page. Or you could use a digital ticket distribution system, such as New York Shuffle, where people can register for a product and know if their number came without a hitch.

These companies have the knowledge and resources to implement these systems or hire a third party. But people will accept it as it is, and they will continue to do so. However, in addition to the PS5, when many products slip through our fingers and many unsuccessful consumers are disappointed, retailers need to feel the pressure to block sellers and make online shopping more fair. At least that’s what I hope for.