, A Seattle-based company that has provided $ 17 million in series funding to build apps that can understand natural human speech that provides APIs to developers. claims that its APIs open machine learning algorithms from various industry partners and sources. The company helps developers access chat data from voice, email, chat and social media, and provides insight and context around the language without the need for pre-training data, vocabulary or custom classifieds.

VentureBeat has met with founder and CEO Serbi Ratore for an overview of what this funding means for and what the research firm called Gartner is all about. Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS).

Chat info APIs

Although many vendors have jumped on the bandwagon to serve AI in APIs, has said it wants to identify itself by providing a top-notch discussion platform.

Ratore told VantureBeat, “There are also API products that offer NLP services, custom classifiers, speech recognition – all of which are part of the broader chat capabilities. does not rely on large databases and machine learning knowledge to expand these pieces and others in a related context.

Many chat AI providers focus on specific industries. In the sales industry, for example, companies And You are getting activity. But many end-users want to build chat AI experiences in a variety of practical environments, including webinars, customer experience, team collaboration, and more. says it allows businesses to compete with these brands and build a cost-effective and cost-effective product from the lab to the market in a short period of time.’s offerings include a copy plus, discussion analysis, discussion topics, contextual insights, customer tracking and summary.

Converting the conversation to data

Recent forecasts from Mordor Intelligence The CPaaS industry will grow from $ 4.54 billion in 2020 to $ 26.03 billion in 2026 with a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.3%. A.D. Of the 20% by 2020, 90% of global enterprises are expected to use API-enabled CPaaS offerings as a strategic IT strategy to strengthen their digital competitiveness by 2023. However, even with this recent development, argues that existing solutions do not enable businesses to open up the potential of communication content and analyze chat data.

“Businesses are looking to differentiate rather than ‘just’ communicating to meet the needs of their customers,” the company said. Press release He said. The company says it will continue to reduce developers’ access to communication information and help product managers replicate new user experiences for their products – eliminating the need to build EML models.

We are encouraging developers with the right tool kit to value chat data on all digital channels. Conversations are the most underused data sources, and there is a lot of potential in this data. Devices need to minimize the pain of capturing, managing, understanding, and processing this information – and that’s what it focuses on. With this financial support, awareness raising, adoption and communication skills, we will further accelerate our product roadmap to enhance the driving experience for developers.

Explaining what this means for the CPaaS industry, he added, “The developers of CPaaS platforms need to have easy access to raw streams – in addition to enabling audio and video of built-in experiences. is pleased to partner with major CPaaS platforms to extend their reach Communication practices And use machine learning to understand the content of the interface, take action on it and learn from the best in plug and play APIs. “

Building technology says that the main trend in the industry is copywriting, as it has become a major issue for direct writing. “This is crucial to building an accessible and inclusive experience – primarily in the contact center industry. You have started using video insights from customers.

“The trend of digital speech, which has increased over the past year, is here to stay.” [CTO] Toshish [Jawale], And their team have built a unique engine to provide this data in a developer-friendly way, and we are excited to work with them on their next development milestone, ”said Ray Yin, a senior Point Ventures management partner.

According to Ratore, “traditional NLP And NLU Techniques are lacking in discussion. technology combines many in-depth tutorials and machine learning models to convert unstructured lectures from raw speech or text to structured and programmatically accessible plug-ins to build smart experiences in applications.

“Our system contains more than 50 different models that work together to solve three problems. The first layer is a model of dialogue, language, and speech using different existing languages ​​and speech modeling techniques. It performs logic to draw or avoid impossible things.These steps are especially needed to understand human speech, which allows our system to shape human conversation metrics that help us draw assumptions and conclusions regardless of the field of speech, Ratore said.

Expected Financial Support

This investment round was led by Great Point Ventures, with additional participation Gutbrain Venture, PBJ Capital, Crossover Venture and Flying Fish Venture.

Rathore said the additional capital will accelerate the growth of the end-to-end information platform, which is expected to meet the company’s expansion needs and meet the growing demand for technology.

The company’s customers are, Airmeet, Intermedia, Remo, SpectrumVoip, Intuit, Band width and Hubble. “ allows developers to spend only months to integrate, saving time and money in a highly accurate and expandable chat database,” the statement said.

Against this background, Land of Great Point Ventures joins the board of directors of The round also goes on to hire more talented people.


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