Tata Technology, a global engineering and product development digital service provider, expects to generate nearly half a billion dollars in revenue this fiscal year, accelerating global electricity activity and post-coding projects with its customers. 19, according to a senior company official.

The company posted $ 119.3 million in revenue in the second quarter of the fiscal year, following the decline in revenue in the second quarter, and $ 80.1 million in fiscal 21 fiscal year. “We have seen quarterly growth over the last six quarters and we expect this to continue. In the beginning of CVD-19, revenue decreased. We’ve seen it all come back. “This year, for the first time in our history, we will have about half a billion dollars,” said Warren Harris, CEO and Managing Director of Tata Technology. PTI.

He described the second-quarter earnings as “the highest in our history”: . ”

Asked if the company’s revenue growth was mainly driven by electricity mobility, he said: Months … ”

However, he added, “But I also warn that Covid has taught all our production customers – not only automotive, industrial machinery but now Aerospace is back – complex engineering, full return key product development. They take place in an overseas context.” It is. That provides the fuel for our growth. ”

Explaining the company’s strengths in the EV space, Harris said: “We have a great opportunity to work with some of the world’s most advanced automotive companies from the marketplace – not just beginners. Not only the new energy car companies but also many traditional original manufacturers who are investing heavily in products like Tesla.

He said Tata Technologies had developed its first EV in 2012 and had been investing in EV technology for over 10 years, adding that much had been done. “We are seeing it now.”

“We have a lot of involvement in JLR investment, with 10 and 10 years of experience here and with people like NIO, like Rivian,” I-Pace said.

When the epidemic hit hard, there were many positive things from the point of view of Tata technologies. None of us know what will happen at the beginning of CV-19. Most of our customers have taken steps to reduce costs and maintain their own efficiency and health, not only in automotive but also in aerospace and industrial heavy machinery. “With us, we have organizations in different parts of the world that enforce their provisions,” he said.

The first three months of the previous budget – April, May and June 2020 – recalled: “It was a very difficult time for the industry. It was a very difficult time for our customers and ourselves as a union.”

Since then, “most of our clients have taken advantage of this opportunity to make the transition from the old system to the new system.” Demand for export has grown exponentially, trust in digital has grown exponentially, and demand for change has grown. “All of this has been of great interest to our industry and especially to many of our clients as a strategic partnership for companies such as Tata Technology.”

As a result, Tata Technologies said it has seen a quarterly growth over the past six quarters.

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Published Sunday, November 21, 2021, 07:47 PM IST