Seattle, November 17, 2021 (PRNewswire) – TeamSense is launching a new product for the Human Resource of Time, an app that guarantees every employee the right to have their own creative reporting tool. Created for a small percentage of employees (<3%) without access to a smartphone or email, TeamSense has created a voice-based absence reporting product that plugs directly into their main system. With supply chains disrupted, global epidemics, flu and flu season, along with the upcoming holidays, unexpected surprises have been reported. The product is now available as an additional feature for all TeamSense pricing packages.

A.D. Created in 2020, TeamSense is a COVID token certification tool for non-desk users and is developed by industry technology company Fortive. July 2021. Voice Response for text production can only be made by calling a centralized employer’s telephone number to report absenteeism. For example, an enterprise employee will use a standard telephone keypad to select, “1 late arrival”, “2 absentee”, “3 private day”, “4 vacation” and supervisors on the manufacturing floor will be notified immediately in writing. Without having to be in their office. TeamSense sends notifications in writing and / or email to their supervisors, based on employee input, tracked in the TeamSense database and shared with the existing HR Tech stack.

“It’s just about 3% of Americans do not have access to modern technologyThis product is about inclusion, ”said the founder. Allison Tegarden Her deep knowledge of the manufacturing sector will motivate her to participate. 636,079 manufacturing businesses In the United States; This is straightforward from food, health, warehousing, aerospace, automobiles, printing presses – they all employ part-time workers who have a hard time getting to their desk without it. We are on a mission to change this.

About TeamSense: TeamSense The first is an app-free, text-based digital platform designed to manage time-honored production workers and their understanding of what makes the factory work makes it the # 1 choice for international employers. Savior Douglas To Pella Windows. Based on Everett, Washington, TeamSense is a wholly owned subsidiary of Industry Technology.

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