Head of IT service based in Bangalore-Pune Tech Mahindra Ltd It recently announced the acquisition of two companies – US-based Infostar LLC (Lodestone) and London-based We Make Websites Ltd (WMW) at Born London Limited for $ 105 million (Rs 789 Cr.) And 9.4 million pounds (about 97 Rs Cr.) Digital. To strengthen the portfolio in order.

Infostar LLC is a digital product engineering company that uses the technology platform. LodeStone To deliver product from end to end and Data quality assurance Solutions. The company has more than 300 employees, earning $ 43.3 million for the year ending December 30, 2020.

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WMW The Shopify Plus platform focuses on website building and migration services. Its acquisition will increase its capacity in the Tech Mahindra experience design and help build an industry-leading shoplifting system.

“The acquisition strengthens the capacity of Tech Mahindra Digital Engineering to effectively use information strategy and address. Machine learning Tests. Strategic Advertising Tech Mahindra further enhances product quality assurance on hardware, software and data layers. The acquisition of Lodeston is part of our strategy to strengthen digital capabilities and provide superior and comprehensive transformation services to our customers globally. We Build Websites Tech Mahindra’s skills add to the design experience and help build an industry-leading shopkeeping system. It brings significant settings to complement our domain knowledge and further enhance growth Vivek Agarwal, President – BFSI, HLS and Enterprise Development, Tech Mahindra.

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CP Gurnani, Managing Director and CEO, Tech Mahindra, “As we record our highest consecutive growth in ten years, we are committed to providing long-term sustainable and profitable growth for the company. We are strong in all key markets.

Tech Mahindra earned $ 1.47 billion in the last quarter of September, up 6.4 percent, respectively. The company has closed new contracts worth $ 750 million.

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