The company has acquired two fully owned subsidiaries – Infostar LLC – Tech Mahindra (Americas) Inc. and WMW in Bourne, London Limited, UK.

The company is owned by two subsidiaries – Infostar LLC, Tech Mahindra (Americas) Inc. and WMW in London, London.

Tech Mahindra, part of the popular Mahindra Group, provides telecom IT and network services, consultants, application outsourcing, infrastructure costs, engineering services, BPOs, platform solutions and mobile value-added products and services.

The headquarters of Infostar LLC (Loadstone) is located in Planton, California and is engaged in IT services. The purchase will raise up to $ 105 million for 100 percent control.

“The acquisition will strengthen Tech Mahindra’s end-to-end digital product engineering capabilities in design, construction and testing by leveraging Lodstone’s knowledge on effective data strategy and product quality assurance on hardware, software and software. Data Layers, ”the company said in the application.

We operate WMW, Shopify Plus Partner, headquartered in London, UK, leading digital engineering quality certification for New Age digital companies.

We build websites that increase the capacity of the Tech Mahindra experience design pillar and help the industry leader build the Shopify experience. The cash purchase is worth 4 9.4 million for a 100 per cent interest rate.

The company’s shares traded at Rs 1531, earning a 0.89 per cent profit on the closing bell today.