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Tech Soft 3D announces Tech Soft 3D Integration Partner Program designed to help developers of HOOPS software enter the market faster with innovative solutions. The first members of the integration program are Microsoft, Siemens, Machine Works, Chaos, Invenio, Visometry, C-Labs, Sun and Holo-Light.

“Enabling our customers and the developer community has always been a priority here at Tech Soft 3D, and this new partner program will further enhance the mission by integrating some of the best technologies on the market with HOOPS Toolkit,” said Jonathan Guerrero. Senior Manager at Tech Soft 3D Developer Communication. “Integrating advanced technologies with HOOPS across multiple industries means that our developer partners can focus on creating new applications and delivering them to market faster and not worrying about integration issues.”

When engineering application developers use HOOPS Toolkits, they can further integrate technology for digital twins, virtual reality, virtual reality, photo realism, 3D data preparation, robust modeling and mesh modeling into their applications. In addition, application developers working in these areas who want to import CAD data, improve visualization or graphics display can easily incorporate HOOPS technology instead of trying to develop that capacity on their own.

We look forward to working with Tech Soft 3D to bring all V-Ray options to HOOPS applications. Together, fast modeling environments can be easily combined with real-time photo opportunities, ”said Evere Trifonov, VP New Products and Strategic Partnership at Chaos Group.

This new program will serve as a platform for Tech Soft 3D Partners to expand their business by contacting new customers who want to create more sophisticated digital applications.

“We believe that Tech Soft 3D is the perfect partner to expand our best XR streaming portfolio with a mixed approach.”

The program gives companies the freedom to explore new capabilities and solutions.

“The combination of HOOPS Exchange and ‘VT-DMU’ – our best software toolkit with more than 50 powerful algorithms – opens up new opportunities for personal solutions and products to improve digital product development,” said Marco Santruchek, CEO and CEO of Invenio Virtual Technologies .

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