If the Industrial Revolution of the 17th century was about manufacturing and

What exactly triggered this new, exciting digital revolution, and how is TechAhead using this digital transformation tsunami to encourage enterprises and businesses?

Let’s jump straight to the main point of this development.

The plague, the locks and the need

The epidemic was like an asteroid: cruel, out of nowhere, and suddenly we arrived.

Although businesses and enterprises, especially SMEs and beginners, have been using digital tools and the Internet for their work and operations, sudden global locks and turmoil have ruined the already known risk management protocol.

There were fears that offices would suddenly close, roads would be lost, and the economy would turn into unimaginable depression and depression.

But Internet and digital platforms like Phoenix have shocked the world with their versatility and power.

Unexpected activities, even in online modes, suddenly became 100% digital, sparking a new revolution in the business world.

Platforms such as Zoom have increased by 370-400% in use, revenue in just a few months, online services such as app-based recipes have increased 100% worldwide in 30 days, and millions of employees have started working from home with flawless productivity software And equipment.

The world suddenly changed 100% digital and mobile, and we survived. And he grew up.

TechAhead is developing a bold new digital transformation world

At the pinnacle of this new digital revolution is TechAhead.

We are ranked among the top 1000 technology companies in the world and the # 3 largest multidisciplinary technology companies (clutch ratings), and over the past 11 years, we have successfully reached 2000+ digital platforms, mobile applications and IoT-based solutions. International corporations such as American Express, AXA, Audi, Disney, ICC and others.

The epidemic and its locks gave us new impetus, further expanding our digital transformation services and enabling the emergence of Internet power and mobile platforms for international business.

For our 200+ strong team spread across the US and India, we have not only deployed 100% of our work from home, but also developed new digital product engineering solutions, exciting mobile platforms, and new IoT-based solutions to enable our customers to manage their businesses. Despite the unpredictable market and unstable economy, it generates a lot of revenue.

Our digital and mobile transformation initiatives have resulted in 2 million + mothers losing ሚሊዮን 6 million. The ICC (the world’s second largest sports federation) has re-created cricket for 400 million fans, allowed American Express to sell more services, and allowed AXA (the world’s second largest insurance company) to provide 80% instant roadside assistance to millions of customers.

And this is just the beginning.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience in delivering amazing digital transformation services and mobility solutions, IoT-enabled innovations and business expertise, we are leading the way in nurturing new and exciting digital-enabled businesses worldwide.

Schedule a voluntary meeting with us to learn more about our vision and mission of technology innovation and digital transformation. Mobile App Development Company And accept the future immediately.

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