AutoSite Visual Business platform automatically creates 2D, 3D and AR images and enables product configuration.

Chicago – Three KitAn online product company with furniture customers has raised $ 35 million in a series of B funding led by Leadership Fund.

This will enable Threekit to accelerate investments in the production platform, e-commerce mergers, the global sales organization and the partner network.

“We understand that buyers are now looking for a more flexible digital product experience when making a purchase decision, and the next boundary to enable this experience is 3D visual configuration, added reality and virtual photography,” he said. “Sotheby’s has made more than $ 1 billion in sales to both our B2C and B2B customers this year.

Gornac said the SoxSite Visual Platform automatically creates 2D, 3D and AR images and enables product configuration. With three kits, consumers can customize, zoom, rotate, add parts and more for e-commerce, sales and service.

“Our customers are using the platform to get an edge on the new frontier.”

David Stein, co-founder and management partner of the Leadership Fund, agrees that there is a big change in the e-commerce world.

“When making decisions, consumers want more engaging and interactive digital product experiences – in 3D Visual Configuration or AR – and the products and manufacturers that deliver this experience capture customer loyalty, sales growth and market leadership,” Stein said. “This sacrifice has moved very quickly from beautiful to living.”

Sostokit’s financial support includes top entrepreneurs and athletes, Godard Abel (founder of G2, Stilbrick, Bigmachins), Carston Thomas (founder of Hybrid), Ray Gradi (former General Manager of Sales Force Commerce Cloud) and Steve Young (including the backbone of Fame Quarter) . ).