After closing its border to most visitors in March 2020, Thailand has reopened for people who have negatively tested and fully vaccinated against CVD-19 from 63 countries.

“Thai people are very friendly, very hospitable and the food is really amazing,” said actor Russell Crow. Poured When he visited the government on Twitter last month, It is on November 1, before the ban is lifted. It’s a popular view. In 2019 Thailand will have 40m. SurveyBefore the plague stopped the party.

After two years in detention, the government is joking that travelers are scrambling to return to the country’s beaches, bazaars and nightclubs. But first they have to successfully navigate the Thai pass – the online registration system has a user interface that many have complained about. In an online forum used by people struggling with the system, one commenter described it as a “serious failure in system design.”

The forum aims to ensure immediate approval for people with immunization certificates, hotel bookings, insurance certificates and other listed documents. Instead, many users have encountered errors, including irreversible error messages, problems uploading PDFs, and delays that could jeopardize their flight.

With more than 13,000 members in the “Thailand Reopening” Facebook page, users have been trading tips to convert PDF to JPEG and Thai dates to the West (2021 here is 2564) and to clear other Thai crossing barriers. The process is to borrow the motto of the struggling national airline. Thai Airlines, Anything but “soft as silk”.

“It’s a great idea, but if you don’t have the perfect technology, you really need someone to help you in the gym,” said Nicky, an American applicant who asked not to be named. “The Thai Pass has nothing to do with it, which can be frustrating and frustrating.

When I went on vacation to the United States last month, I applied for a visa, which is a prerequisite for passing through Thailand. After diligently uploading my papers, the system rejected my technical application and suspended me from the site. (A helpful Thai diplomat saved the day by uploading my own documents, and happily copied “No”).

Whisper Fractions (Western) Complaining about bad service is part of the larger and often more privileged foreign community in Thailand. Overseas Thailand, on the other hand, has its own grievances. “The system does not provide any contact number and does not provide an appeal,” said a Thai expert in Singapore. It does not tell us what to do if we miss our flights because of our Thai passport, and this is especially frustrating now that we have to pay for everything in advance.

The bugs are a bad thing in a country that wants to establish itself as “Thailand 4.0” – the government plans to use digital technology to bring economic start-ups in sectors from agriculture to beginners. TourismPrior to the epidemic, the country’s GDP was central to the country’s recovery. But rather than Thailand’s famous cheap and happy product, the authorities want to boost the game, which includes a demographic structure that may require a high level of service, including a 10-year visa system targeting wealthy professionals and retirees.

The Thai Foreign Ministry acknowledged the “technical problems” faced by Thai passers-by, and said improvements were being made. The statement, however, differed in its condemnation of the consumer. Among other things, it will require applicants to fill out online forms or incorrectly install immunization documents and have the authorities verify the documents manually. Some are advised to sign up several times, “leading to confusion in the estimation process.”

For those who are just about to be reunited with their families, it is the coldest part of the day. “I am still awaiting the outcome of the Thai Passport application,” he said. “And pray”

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