Brilliant Earth Group Inc. He uses blockchain to track the ownership of some of the diamonds, one of the ways that the new jewelry company will use technology and transparency to attract its target Millennium and General Zed customers.

“It is important to show the diamond trip to the customer,” Brilliant Earth Chief Executive Beth Gerstein told MarketWatch. “This is a new level of transparency. Today’s consumer wants to know the origin.

Bright Earth

It has 10,000 diamonds activated by blockchain, such as Prospectus, the diamond path from mining, cutting and refining and to the customer.

In addition to being transparent, the company emphasizes its enduring efforts and ethical business practices, distancing itself from the name “Blood Diamond” that the company previously acquired in the fine jewelry category. Brilliant Earth completes membership in groups that promote ethical practices, carbon offsetting, and inclusion, uses recycled materials in the packaging, and is charitable in the countries where gems are produced.

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Shares of our billionaire land under the BRLT brand have increased by about 21 percent in recent weeks. The first of the stars, $ 12 after the price of the deal, below the expected range. The company, as a public company, will report its quarterly revenue for the first time on Friday.

Analysts are impressed by the new approach to the business and the sale of fine jewelry.

“We have covered the luxury area for 13+ years and we believe that.
Especially from Gen.
Z and Millennial age cohort, ”wrote KeyBanc Capital Markets at the launch of Brilliant Earth coverage.

“Older luxury towers (Cartier – Love, Tiffany – True) are adding more modern products, but historically the low-cost product has been driven more by merchandise and price. We believe there is a big difference in the participation market below $ 15K.

KeyBanc has set a $ 16 price tag for Brilliant Earth.

Brilliant Earth was founded in 2005 as an online business with a showroom in San Francisco. Gersstein thought there were about 100 seats, but now there are 14 showrooms.

The jewelry business is estimated at $ 300 billion in the global industry and $ 61 billion in the United States, according to Billionaire Pursuit. Online jewelry sales in the U.S. rose 31 percent by 2020, up 10 percent from 2010. Brilliant is expanding globally through local e-commerce sites in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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A.D. By 2020, Bright Earth sales reached $ 251.8 million, up from $ 201.3 million in 2019. After losing $ 7.8 million in 2019, net revenue reached $ 21.6 million in 2020.

Sales in the first six months of 2021 reached a total of $ 163.0 million, up from $ 91.8 million last year. Net income in the first six months of the year was $ 10.9 million, up from $ 182,000 last year.

A.D. As of June 30, 2021, the company had $ 65 million in unpaid loans.

The fourth quarter typically represents 30% of the company’s revenue. A large part of the Brilliant Earth business is in the bride. In 2020, the company released its gender fluid collection.

“The (young) consumer wants something more personal, unique and special,” Gersstein told MarketWatch. Much of the company’s revenue comes from the sale of “create your own” rings.

“Pearls are having a great time right now, and yellow gold has revived the curiosity,” Gersstein said. 87% of the company’s active customer base is Millennium and General Z.

More than two-thirds of the billionaire land designs are owned by JPM organ analysts.

“Brilliant Earth has a unique position in the fine jewelry industry, guided by unique designs and supply chain transparency, and a highly personalized customer experience,” analysts wrote.

“Especially in the supply chain – more than two-thirds of the designs in Billionaire have the right to constantly test the new three-month product development cycle, using customer information and insights for more than 16 years.

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JPMorgan wrote: “It has conservative operators with a strong financial model.”

Billionaire is working on a property light business model that will make Earth more effective.

“Over 100,000 diamonds – worth hundreds of millions of dollars – we have been able to keep our balance sheet low, which has changed our attractive warehouse more than 10 times a year since 2018. Brilliant Earth also offers laboratory-grown diamonds and recycled metals.

“Our limited ownership stock and fast cash flow — which we typically pay our customers before we pay our suppliers — allow us to measure certain capital expenditures.

Billionaire is a growing company in our world, which means it does not have to provide the same specifications required by large public companies. A business will remain a growing company until it achieves multiple operations, including annual revenues of more than $ 1.07 billion.

Brilliant Earth is also a controlled company, offering Part A and Class B shares, each with one vote per share and C and Class D shares each with 10 votes per share. Only Class A shares are listed. The company’s founders and the private equity firm Mainsail have held most of the voting power.

Gersstein and Eric Grosburg are the founders of Billionaire. Grosburg is the board’s executive. Jeffrey Cou is a chief financial officer who joined the company in 2015. Gavin Turner, the founder and mainstay of Mainsail, sits on the board.

Our billionaire does not intend to invest in future profits, which means that investors should rely on stock profits in return.

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“We see Brilliant Earth as an unparalleled history. Large growth opportunities and strong foundations should lead from + 25% – to – 30% long-term sales growth and high – 20% to low-30% bottom line growth,” Cowen analysts wrote at the outset.

“We see Brilliant Earth’s key competitive advantage as a seamless integration of digital and physical, and display components play an important role.” Cowen expects 80 billion rooms in the 2025 budget year.

Cowen placed Brilliant Earth on a $ 17 price target.

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25% increased.