More than ever, there is growing hope that Australian consumer brands will play an active and meaningful role in society, and there is no place to start other than sports.

Elite Sports has given us something to be proud of, some consistent and consistent, but the communities at the heart of all sports codes may have made the biggest sacrifices in recent times.

Rebuilding community foundations

According to Gemba, a strong community sports foundation, the value of all major sports leagues is increasing, and participants are three to four times more likely to be long-term fans of the sport.


For a healthy sports industry, all of us – trademarks, broadcasters, government bodies – must share, show, and make community sports more accessible than ever before and build on the foundations of Australian interests.

A good example of this is sports like Rugby Union, where children can train their first-team teams and play on their local field, watch Stan Sports play at the Shuttle Shield, and watch their favorite players selected for the tournament. Watch Waratahs, and finally play for Walabis on Channel Nine or 9Now.

The community’s ability to play sports and the role it plays, give them more opportunities and unique stories, and in my view this can truly inspire and motivate the next generation of talent.

A sports stream that offers new avenues for brands

The last 12 months have brought a new era to TV. We only need to look at the numbers behind last month’s NRL Grand Final on Nine to highlight the dramatic change in consumer spending and the opportunity it offers to consumers.

It was the biggest final in five years. More than 3.2 million viewers watched Channel 9 and another 400,000 were streamed live on 9 Now. The match has the largest audience on any BVOD platform to date, with more than half of our streaming viewers watching it on connected TV sets.

With this audience change, branding opportunities will change. 9 It has now allowed the importation of brands that are highly valued in sports marketing. And for those who board the train, there is the ability to engage as many private spectators as possible with nine million 14 million signatures. In users with advanced personalized marketing products such as Nine Audience Match.

Streaming is changing the way we work with our digital products. For example, we know that fans’ experience doesn’t always mean watching matches from start to finish, and we should only watch our short-term video development at 9 Now /, which has reached a critical stage. 147% of the year, mostly led by rugby, is a real opportunity for growth to determine the need for food.

Equipped with this knowledge, next year we will be presenting our wide range of world sports mini related content on all major sports codes. It is one of the best parts of the Great Match, produced by some of the greatest historians in the world, with only a few points to meet with interesting Australians.

Think big, but think big… and make it easy with a media partner

A.D. By 2021, a large number of clients, working with Powered, a team of nine marketing solutions, have come up with bigger ideas and created more integrated platform work in sports and in the environment.

We have linked the points to cross-country campaigns such as Rebel Sport ‘Sport is Calling’ with Erin Mollan and James Brecy.

We helped MacDonald tell his story as part of the NRL Game Day program as he delivered his opening remarks. Initial condition Prize, Australia’s Rich Creative Award.

We put DoorDash in front and center on the big day in the NRL Calendar, Grand Last Day, and by doing so, we gave users the biggest new app they’ve ever had in a single day.

And as for Samsung, when we introduced the Galaxy S1 Serial Smart Phone to Australia, we helped tell the story of the biggest sporting event of the summer – the Australian Open – in our entire ecosystem. “Samsung Galaxy smart phones have the best quality camera,” he said.

Why did all these brands become like nine partners?

Because this type of marketing works and it is better when a media partner offers TV, digital, radio and print in one place with data and technology solutions.

We know that creativity is one of the key drivers of ad effectiveness, and when it comes to size, on multiple touch points, the magic is created.

So by 2022, it is clear that the nine are really putting the “wide” in the wider world of sports. There are nine total TV access and power supported by 14 million subscribers. There is a live and local appeal of nine radio stations with expert in-depth content from The Herald and The Age.

Add to that the nine marketing solutions powered, which can help you understand everything and get the best results, and you’ve got the best sports marketing solution.

You will be able to revisit the events of the world’s nine largest sports events, where the nine sports content showcased their strategy for next year on TV, digital, radio and print.

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