Rosemary Rafael, founder and chairman of Air Speed, continues to take world-class logistics to the forefront. This comes after Rafael’s ARSPED Digital Arm – the stunning Philippine Digital Economy Corporation (APDEC) was awarded the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Best 2021 Award for Fighting the Sustainability of Business Sustainability. At an online event in Moscow, Russia, the APEC cited the Asia-Pacific Economic and Social Rehabilitation Women’s Business as an example of the APDAC, helping MSMs, especially women-led bodies, move to the new standard. Since 2016, APEC has awarded the BEST Award for Business Efficiency and Success (BEST) for women entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors.

As an Esped Digital arm, the APDEC team oversees brand building, business development and SpeedGifts expansion, and the development and partnerships of the Kahanga-Hangang Philippine law firm.

Speedgift Esped Group is an online gift platform and will be the main platform for sale. The SpeedGifts platform showcases MSME brands and products from various municipalities through the Kahanga-Hangang Philippine program. Kahanga-Hangang Philippine (amazing Philippines), on the other hand, is an advocacy program run by the APDEC team. In partnership with DTI, LGUs, and other nonprofits such as Gall Pick, the program aims to help entrepreneurs sell their products online through the SpeedGifts platform. APDEC’s role is to provide digital marketing training for MSMEs (and other community-based courses) and to ensure that these entrepreneurs do not lag behind in the country’s economic growth.

Currently, APDEC is growing its list of MSME partners and government partners such as Negosyo Centers on LGUs to support the OFW market. These partnerships range from business portfolio building, business development, product repair, brand building.

Establishing APDEC, Rosemarie Rafael aims to build a comprehensive customer experience and trademark for MMSEs – as advocates, to slowly digitalize the local economy and encourage women entrepreneurs.

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