Although Mr. Ting considered the TO 10 a successful online retailer, most of the sales went online, but it was not easy.

Mr. Ting and his team were challenged after the test, from deciding which platform to go to, to learning how to market their product in a non-competitive way, to solve supply problems. To win.

A spokesman for the Singapore Retail Association said many new breeders have seen the importance of the digital pillar and that it has been an expensive journey for many retailers to this day.

Despite the challenges, retailers know that sticking to the current situation is not an option.

But with the advent of high-end learning and the high-cost online arm, it has taken some of the retailers out of business without risk.

Professor Tuli says it is important not to think in terms of digitalization.

“Suppose you digitalize it or not. “It simply came to our notice then.

Even the complexity of the live stream business can vary by different retailers, says Professor Tuli. One retailer uses the media only to talk about the product, and when viewers are asked to go to an online or physical store to buy it, they can choose an empty path.

This is a lot less expensive compared to live streams that integrate payment solutions that allow their customers to buy on-site.

How many retailers have to digitize depends on their product and business model. It would be pointless to open an e-commerce platform for a mother and pop shop in a public housing with only two employees, said Texas’ Ivan ከ.

However, you can take baby steps. For example, click and download services or form a WhatsApp group with other residents in the state and participate in advertising campaigns.

Although digitalization is important, it should not be seen as a bulletin for all retailers, says Professor Tuli.

Finally, access to specialized products and good customer service is still key, says Professor Tuli.

And as retailers continue to innovate on the digital channel of their choice, more exciting products may be rolled out in the near future.

Porsak said earlier that a law firm had approached Madada to sell its heritage plan during live sessions.

Although this is not even close to the rocket launch service sold during last year’s live broadcast in China, things could be dangerous.

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