Hyde Hotels, Resorts and Accommodation is part of Enismore, a cultural and community-based hospitality company, with international entrepreneurship and founding-branded brands at heart. Enismore is a joint venture with Acor in 2021.

Philip Zrihen., Product COO and Head North America, Inismore “We are very pleased to be promoting the Hyde brand here Middle East And to bring this famous brand out America For the first time. The hotel will be home to four of our most coveted culinary experiences, including Cleo and the ever-changing Levantine Menu, Katsuia’s modern Japanese cuisine, Hudson Tavern and The Park. We truly believe that Hyde Dubai will be a much-needed destination for international travelers and locals in the city.

Emerald Pallas team owner Dr. Mkhitaryan “We are delighted to be able to launch our first global asset outside of the US and the United Arab Emirates in partnership with the Hyde Hotel brand. We are ready to welcome guests and we are sure you will appreciate every detail.

The interiors and concepts, designed by renowned Italian designer Ciarmoli Queda, each have 276 rooms and rooms designed to reflect the hotel’s modern urban temple inspired by art and design from around the world. South African designer, Tristan Pleiss The designer behind Cleo, Hudson Tavern and Katsuia, as well as the beautiful pool area where guests can relax near the pool.

Take your pick from the available class categories, including deluxe Take out Hyde Rooms, inclusive balcony and Hyde Signature King bed or Hyde and Search Twin room option. Premium Hyde away The rooms offer a unique view of Burj Khalifa and accommodate two adults and a child; While Hyde Us The family room is a large, separate living room. The hotel’s luxury suites include Junior Haide I Collection, Executive Hyde In And the President Hayden Game round up.

According to the Enismore portfolio, Hyde Hotel Dubai offers a variety of unique culinary ideas, which is a way to strengthen the hotel’s faith and access to food. Magical and amazing, Katsuya Combining traditional Japanese food with modern techniques and flavors provides a completely first-hand experience. Guests and locals alike can enjoy signature cocktails, special rolls, special sushi and Sashimi dishes. A new York In the speakeasy vibe Dubai Presented at Hudson TavernBring a complete urban escape in this candle lighting park with craft burgers, master radiology and a relaxed atmosphere. Guests and locals alike can enjoy the familiar flavors of worldly beauty. ClioEastern Mediterranean: Inspirational food handling. With an interactive menu designed to impress and delight each visit, Cleo attracts inspiration Lebanon, Syria, Greece And Italy – Modernization of ancient Levantine cuisine. Perq’s In conjunction with the local, specialty coffee roast, Nightjar brings out the best coffee for guests every day, including freshly baked home baked goods and delicious snacks, gourmet kiwi, salads and toasts.

With beauty services from around the world, Hyde Hotel Spa, Cinq Mondes Dubai It exemplifies personal safety. Comprehensive treatments performed by expert therapists seek to deeply rejuvenate the mind and body.

Visit reservations for more information and reservations https://www.sbe.com/hotels/hyde/dubai Or [email protected] / +971 487 1111

About Hyde Hotels, Resorts and Accommodation
When the Hyde Lounge opened in 2005, it changed the sunset. Los Angeles With the concept of night life. Since then, the brand has been inviting its followers to enjoy a new way of life in places, including hybrid hotels and residences, beach clubs and mycology lounges. Miami to the Sydney. Hyde hotels, resorts and residences are currently located in Miami, Hollywood, FL And Dubai They consciously call into the inner desires, their desires, their desires and their tastes. This is a new kind of hospitality, based on the spirit of discovery. Hyde is more than a brand, it’s a state of mind. Learn more at HydeHotels.com.

Hyde Hotels, Resorts and Accommodation is part of Enismore, a cultural and community-based hospitality company, with international entrepreneurship and founding-branded brands at heart. Enismore is a joint venture with Acor in 2021. ennismore.com

About Enismore
Enismore is a cultural and community-based innovation hospitality company with global entrepreneurship and founders-built brands in mind. Creates and manages unique assets and experiences in some of the most exciting destinations around the world. The Inismore team is comprised of some of the most brilliant designers, thinkers and makers inside and outside the industry – a home-based creative studio, a fully integrated F&B concept platform and a digital product and technology innovation lab – to create brands together. Inspiring discoveries.

A.D. Founded in 2011 by Entrepreneur Sharan Pasricha, Enismore and Accor have partnered in 2021 to create the world’s fastest-growing lifestyle hospitality company, compile portfolio of world-class brands, build Onismore brands with creative history, design and real-world experience, balance Accor’s, network growth, and distribution.

Under leadership Sharan Pasricha, Founder and co-founder, and Gaurav Bushan., Co-CEO, Enismore has 14 hotel and cooperative brands and more than 150 cultural related and unique restaurants and nightlife destinations. The portfolio includes 87 international properties and 141 hotels in various regions with strong growth from Houston, Mondrian, SLS, SO / and Tribune. Complete with major restaurant brands Bibo, Karna, Filia and Siberd.

Enismore is listed as one of the world’s fastest-growing companies by 2020 and 2021. Rank 29 in FT1000: Europe Fast-growing companies; And it’s part of the FT Future 100 – the UK’s fastest-growing sector that is shaping the future of its sector.

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