Today, as usual, we take a look at the highlights of the week in terms of the most important crypto news. From the tails on the recent Bitcoin price. Market leader cryptocurrency, which hit a record high this week.

Bitcoin was sold for $ 69,000

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin has reached an all-time high in terms of price, which has already been reported and reported by CryptoTrend. As of November 10, Bitcoin had reached $ 68,900.

Around this price point, there were predictions that Bitcoin would continue to reach an all-time high. Kraken, for example, predicted that Bitcoin would reach $ 96,000 if the BTC copied this startup in the last quarter of this year.

Planbi, meanwhile, said on Twitter that Bitcoin would trade for $ 288,000 next year.

The mayor of New York supports Bitcoin education in schools

In another recent interview with CNN’s State of the Union, Eric Adams, who was elected mayor of New York, said cryptocurrency should be taught around the world and that schools are theirs. According to Eric Adams’ plan to transform the city into a crypto hotspot, cryptography and blockchain technology should be added to the curriculum.

Recall that Adams, along with many other leaders around the world, was a very optimistic person about cryptocurrencies and had previously received the first three checks as the mayor of this city in Bitcoin.

The most anticipated BTC update is enabled.

The Bitcoin network has finally activated the much-anticipated Taproot update. It has been one of the most important updates since 2017. In short, it seeks to integrate improvements with the network, making transactions more personal, efficient and economical. However, the price of Bitcoin did not respond as expected.

Currently, the price of BTC is $ 64,017, which, according to our online crypto device, has decreased by -0.10% in the last 24 hours.

Zimbabwe is interested in CBC but not Bitcoin

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information, Crypto, has officially rejected rumors circulating about the country, citing the receipt of cash and Bitcoin. Instead, Minister Monica Muttsangwa said the Zimbabwean government wanted to test the Central Bank’s digital currency (CBDC).

The government is in talks with private companies to promote cryptocurrency in Zimbabwe, citing a number of reports, citing Charles Wekwet, permanent secretary of the president’s office.

Indonesian Muslims ban cryptocurrencies

The National Council of Ulema (MUI) has ruled that the currency of the UI is illegal or unlawful because of its uncertainty, gambling, and harm, said Nyam Sholeh, head of religious affairs, after a council hearing on Thursday. With experts. If cryptocurrency as a digital product or property is in line with Sharia principles and can show obvious benefits, then it is possible to trade, he said.

The MUI Shari’a-compliant authority is consulted by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank on Islamic finance in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country.

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