They clearly see the importance of companies creating new technologies and integrating new technologies into new digital products. However, many companies are struggling to acquire the skills needed to do so.

Uruit, The leading digital production agency, today announced the results of its first annual “State of Digital Products” survey. Key insights from the report include the fact that foreign trade was once insulted, but today many senior digital product executives use the experience of engaging groups outside the organization as part of their marketing strategies.

The findings of the “Digital Products Status” clearly show that companies’ ability to create new technologies and integrate new technologies with new products is critical to their survival. However, many companies are struggling to acquire the skills needed to develop those products.

“Urut created a ‘digital products’ survey to better understand the state and future of digital products in the United States and internationally. In particular, we feel it is important to look at digital product development through the lens of changing consumer needs, ”said Rodrigo Garcia, Uroit’s Chief Strategic Officer. “Many of the key industry trends we have seen over the years – digital transformation, advanced technology, lack of IT skills, external supply – have been triggered by changing user needs and habits, and then accelerating the epidemic. The result? The pressure on product management will increase to push new product development and innovation forward and accelerate time to meet changing customer needs and market competition.

According to the “Digital Products Status” survey, under the pandemic, high product management is addressing key digital product development challenges by implementing advanced technologies, closing capacity gaps and holding hands and heads around information. The main product decision.

The study included 300 international respondents representing senior product management in a variety of industries, including education, financial services, healthcare, insurance, real estate, retail / e-com, technology and telecommunications. Respondents include novice executives such as Google, Siscopal, Little Caesar, Wallworth, Singapore Airlines, Capital One, VMware, ADP, Teradata, T-Mobile, Netflix, Walmart and Amazon.

Uroit and Production School a Free Webinar To discuss state-of-the-art state research findings. The full report can also be downloaded. over here.

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