Artistian Technology Group, a Kansas City-based custom software development company based in Lincoln, will help expand its product offerings in college sports.

We are looking for customers who want to build new solutions that will have a significant impact on their business and industry. Opendorse is specially designed to run both at high speeds.

– Steve Timperley

Kansas City, Missouri, United States, November 5, 2021 / – Local Software Development Enterprise Artisan Technology Group has partnered with Opennders Sports Technology Company to accelerate the design, technology and solutions solutions for the college-athlete support industry over time.

Market speed is crucial for Artist customers. As a leading software company, Opendorse development teams have already made major improvements and extensions to the platform to support strategic initiatives and partnerships. And while they were actively employing and growing their team, they had to move quickly to take advantage of opportunities in college sports.

A.D. Starting July 1, 2021, many states have changed their rules to allow athletes to earn money by name, image, and image. This represents one of the biggest changes that college sports have seen so far. The kind of change that creates an entire industry overnight. He needed certified engineering processes and an experienced partner to work quickly with his team to design and build new solutions to help university and college athletes lead the changes in the industry. Opendorse, already a space leader, is set to create great opportunities for these changes. And, thanks to his collaboration with Artists, Opendorse was able to launch its new ‘Monitor’ product on the day the rules were changed.

“We are looking for customers who want to build innovative solutions that will have a significant impact on the artist, their business and industry. Opendorse is uniquely positioned to do both at high speeds.” He is fortunate to work with Opendorse in building a solution that has a strong and influential impact on their industry. It is one of the most exciting projects we have ever been part of and it is amazing to see how well Opendorse is doing in their product vision. See the full history of Opendorse.

This diligence is fruitful in finding new ways to address the needs of their customers. Asked by Artisan CEO Mike Zimmerman, “When we get involved, we will focus on innovation with our customer management team. It will not only solve the problem, it will make them more competitive.”

About Opendorse
Opendorse is a sports technology company that raises the price of support for athletes. Today, more than 50,000 athletes around the world use Opendorse to understand, build, protect and generate their brand PGA Tour, NHL, NFLPA, MLBPA, WNBPA, LPGA, more than 100 professional and college sports teams and hundreds of brands. From all Americans to all-processes – when athletes connect with their organizations, brands or fans – they do it at Opendorse.

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