Rohit Kapoor, marketing head (India), Perfetti Van Melle

The CVD-19 epidemic has had a devastating effect on the sweet industry, especially during the lockout period. Yet, Italian-Dutch sweets and glue maker Perfeti van Mele continues his marketing campaigns and consumer engagement. Rohit Kapur, director of marketing in India, said that although the unit is highly dependent on street vendors, international companies have come in with large packages for home use. Excerpted from the interview

How has Covidy-19 affected your business?

The second wave had a profound effect on trade in various sectors. The second set of locks had a more negative impact on the pressure purchase categories such as candy. After a short gap in the second quarter, we are actively working on our brands to create awareness and awareness for new startups in the third quarter.

Are consumers becoming healthier and buying less sugar products?

The sweets section is part of the pressure category that is most dependent on street vendors. Like any other business, our business was hit hard. However, our business has also recovered rapidly. We have seen a rapid recovery in our marriage portfolio driven by jelly, lollipops and candies. Because of these, such as comfort treatments and stress management, home consumption has driven consumption.

But since the category is for outdoor and on-the-go consumption, our refurbishment portfolio (gum and mint) has recovered slightly. Although this section is now increasing.

But are you focusing on healthy desserts?

There is a growing trend of ‘better-for-you’ desserts in India and consumers in general are becoming more cautious about this. We recently started Alpenliebe JuiCyfills Candy and Chupa Chups Mix’Up with fruit juice and vitamin C.

The company has also re-launched Alpenlibe Juzet Jelly with 25% fruit pulp with the addition of vitamin C. Fresh mints with a 60-minute clean breath from a sugar-free center are also offered 1.

Have you launched new marketing campaigns? Are they in the pipeline?

Despite the Covenant business, we have launched a new campaign for Center Hot Mint called ‘Clean Breath 60 Minutes Sugar-Free Min’ and to get the message across to millions.

We have also launched campaigns to conduct discussions on a number of occasions this year. For example, a campaign for ‘Chopa Cups’ on World Lollipop Day and a ‘Hot Breath Day’ for the Center. For the Alpenlibe, Juzet Jelly and Chupa Chops brands, we have created Halloween-themed products and engagement formats to meet the growing popularity of this day with children.

Some exciting campaigns are coming in.

Did you continue with your regular marketing channels during Kovid?

Television advertising has taken a heavy toll on media, but digital costs continue to grow. As e-commerce sales continue to grow at a relatively rapid pace today, we use digital to directly engage and reach all of our brands.

We’ve seen a lot of interest in home appliances such as Alpenlibe, Chupa Chops Jelly Bags, Happydent and Mentos sugar-free mastic and many new specialty packages to drive traffic on the e-commerce platform.

We used product samples with selected e-commerce partners to open up new ways to connect with our users. Considering the importance of online media, relevant influencers have helped to create networking awareness and brand advocacy.

Does working with influencers help sweet brands?

Collaborate with people who can have a significant impact on consumers or customers. The procurement process takes place at different stages, for example, we want to create a very basic level of understanding and estimation from the top. At the bottom of the fan, we use influencers to advocate for our brands and drive integration. Like any transaction, it should be based on awareness.

Influential marketing can be a more powerful tool for marketers, especially in today’s world which is driven by a digital medium; This must be done within a specific control framework.

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