If you have not heard, we are in the middle of endopocalypse. Maybe not what you are thinking; It does not indicate damage in neutral games. This is a monthly collection of games in a convenient sealed digital zen by different creators. That Indopocalypse.

Endopocalyps consists of 10 games per month, one of which was commissioned by the editor Andrew Balili. Launched in February 2020, Zin has already collected 22 cases and one bonus case. You do not know what to expect from one issue to another, on the platform of small games that each other failed. There is no special article, which means that developers are free to do whatever they want with their games. After all, every developer included is paid. Bailey told me how and why Indopocalypse started.

Playing games is incredibly difficult – it is so hard that even releasing it is a success, whether it works well or not. But when Indy is a developer who spends hundreds of hours playing games, he may not really feel it just because he is so short or weird. Bailey is frustrated. They played short games that they once thought were good, but the games must have lasted for hours in order to be successful. It was frustrating that there was no way for short games to get attention, and Bailey thought it would be good if someone made money and supported it. So they thought, “Okay, what if I just do it? And then I started doing it. ”

Not at sea katykoop, from # No. 21

Each month’s edition has a special cover that the artist can go to (“I say write on the copyclip on the cover, then do whatever you want literally. I don’t care.”) There are no rules about what the games should be. “In one way or another, I want to be chaotic,” says Bellie. “Every time they talk about Indianapolis, they don’t know what to expect.”

Belly, I’m not wrong. November issue Shows a visual novel of trying to find a useless lesbian girlfriend (yuki palpitting, arousal, event, and the search for a brilliant girlfriend !!! milkkylemonAstrid & The Witch by Astrid & The Witch by Astrid & The Witch Astrid & The Witch Astrid & The Witch leusyth), And another is about a trans woman, but she just worries that she won’t pass (I pass Taylor Mccue). Apocalypse is a complex entity, and it is no different.

Individualism is not only born out of curiosity, but also out of frustration with the wider industry, including gaming festivals. Festivals often require a fee to submit your game, a requirement that initially confuses people at Indiepocalypse. “My first couple’s case was, ‘How do I get paid to participate?’ They emailed me. And I said, ‘Oh, no, I will pay you, it doesn’t work that way.’ ”

Although they may not pay much, paying people for their work is very important for Bali. Bailey is open about his payments and includes details when he receives $ 20, then 5% before the case is settled and then 8%. Bailey’s reason for paying people is simple. “You have to make people pay for small games,” he said.

Screenshot from WereHouse
Month | House by Sad Spirit Studios, from Case # 22

Earlier this year, Emika Games announced that it would be the sole developer Leaving the gaming industry “permanently”. This is because players have used the Steam Refund policy and refunded Amica games. Winter 58 Because it was less than two hours. He can’t do anything about the Amica games, and that’s exactly what Bailey says.

You can adjust the view that ‘players’ generally enter the game price should be related to the game time. This makes Indy Davis very indifferent to each other. ”[It’s] This indie Dave idea is trading the same dollar back and forth, ”Beli said. “And I’m like to think we’re trading $ 20- and $ 50’s over and over again because of the Indiepocalypse, but you still know what.” It is still something. Even though he sells hands for $ 20, he can keep someone for a while, and reinforces the idea that small games have to pay.

“Because of the Indiepocalypse, I would like to think that we are now trading $ 20 to $ 50 million.”

Making sure those dollars are transferred is not always easy. Beli is the sole organizer of this, which means that all compilation is left to them. At any given time, they are working on three different issues: providing games for the remaining two months, paying people and compiling PDFs for the next generation, and promoting the latest release.

“The hardest thing is to get people to pay attention to it,” says Beli. Marketing is a rough gig, and when you are an individual it is very difficult to promote a good product, and even when Bailey Indianapolis is widely shared, people do not seem to really engage with it. One of the main ways in which Bali was trying to get more attention on the Indiepocalypse is simply by email. He has yet to prove his mettle, but that does not mean he has no plans.

“Now that other events are taking place,” he tells me, “I think this is the way I can get to know people better.” The driving force behind Individualism was comic anthropology. Antology is one of the most common of the games in comics and is often seen at conventions and with in-house comics. “I really grew up in an area where Zine shows are or something like that,” Bali explained.TCAF) And Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo (Mouse) ”

Home screen from KHOK, a short-sighted novel about space
KHOK by Silindak, from Case # 16

The organizers of TCAF have already hosted a show called Zineland Terrace, which was first introduced in 2018, and Zinland had no limits on what could happen. Outside of this show, there is a simple comparison to Indiepocalypse covers, looking at all the past TCAF posters and how different they are. There is a strong DIY feeling at comics festivals, Bailey wants to emulate Indiepocalypse.

Ultimately, however, the goals for Indiepocalypse are simple. “I wish I hadn’t lost money every month,” says Beli. They do not necessarily want to end up in an emergency, but at least they want it to be financially stable. he said Patreon That everyone pays for the work they do in Zinni. Bellie’s standard set is in demand for large-scale conservation compared to what it does with film. Make access to comments and interviews with strangers and topics that are strange or vague.

Indopocalypses are many things. It comes from people from all walks of life. It is a presentation of comics and writing and art. It is chaos. But really, Bailey is happy because it is the most important thing. “I always want to include this house for those who can’t afford it,” he said. “And if it is very popular, it does not mean that I will start with a lot of great developers. This means that I have a great platform to support anyone.