Chicago, November 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Three KitA 3D Visual Business Forum for Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers announced today. $ 35 million Series B funding led by a management fund, with strategic investors from ServiceNow and Capgemini and existing investors Salesforce and Shasta Ventures. This capital allows Threekit to accelerate investments in its product platform, eCommerce integration, global sales organization and partner network.

“We understand that buyers need a more flexible digital product experience when deciding on a purchase, and the next boundary to enable this experience is 3D Visual Configuration, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Photography,” he says. Matt Gorniak“The three-kit platform has already been crossed,” said Soksit CEO $ 1 billion On sale this year to both our B2C and B2B customers. “This investment will give us a greater opportunity to grow step-by-step with our customers.”

Consumers want a better online experience
Estimated 2022. $ 7.4T Valuable B2C and B2B business will be digitalized and consumers will need a more efficient way to practice and buy products online. Cannot take a photo of a traditional product. AutoSite Visual Business platform automatically creates 2D, 3D and AR images and enables product configuration. With three kits, consumers can customize, zoom, rotate, add parts, and more for ecommerce, sales and service. Merchants who offer this experience to consumers will win big. Customers like the California cabinet are a great example of this promise.

3D / AR brands help to separate and break down silicon
The availability of a digital version of the product has also been proven to increase productivity for Soskit customers. Brands can be designed without making a physical product. You can send millions of personalized products by email and save a single product to multiple scenes based on individual preferences.

“Our customers are using the platform to get an edge on the new frontier,” Gornik continued.

“There is a big change in the business world,” he said. David Stein, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Leadership Fund and Founder of Rypple (acquired by Salesforce). When making decisions, consumers seek more engaging and interactive digital product experiences – in the form of 3D Visual Configuration or AR – and the products and manufacturers that deliver this experience capture customer loyalty, increased sales, and market leadership. This has a supply. He moved from beautiful to living very fast.

Sostokit’s funding comes from top entrepreneurs and athletes, including Godard Abel (founder of G2, Stilbick, Bigmachins). Carston Thomas (Founder of Hybrid) Ray Gradi (Former GM of Salesforce Commerce Cloud), and Steve Young (Back of the famous hall quarter).

Hope for the NFT and Metavers visual business
Visual marketing is changing the way consumers experience digital products and has a significant impact on NFTs and Metaverse. Threekit brands can be developed by thousands or millions of unique 1 in 1 product innovations and sold to fans and collectors as NFTs. As virtual products grow, they become more and more visible to visual identities in the imaginary worlds.

Metaverse is a continuous virtual world and marketing is driven by 3D and improved reality. Brands working with Threekit can represent all of their portfolios and allow Metaverse participants to truly engage with their products. To learn more, visit

Using the Soksit platform, businesses can upload product information and design files to create unlimited interactive 3D, Augmented Reality and photorealistic 2D images. The company’s mission is to provide brands with superior capabilities to provide better customer experience for consumers and buyers. Intelligent brands such as Crate & Barrel, Steelcase, TaylorMade, Duluth Trading and California Closets use Threekit because it reduces conversion rates by 40%, 90% photography costs, and 80% returns. Learn more by searching

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