EVRYTHNG is a market leader and pioneer in the Cloud Category category, integrating every product item with Active Digital ID በድር on the web and displaying product information on the value chain for visibility, verification, real-time knowledge and interaction with people.

Allows consumers to collect and implement tracking data in conjunction with Digimarc’s unique identification methods with EVRYTHNG Product Cloud®, from enabling more sustainable, clearer and more secure supply chains for consumers to verify the authenticity and reuse of products. In the product life cycle, open end-to-end visibility and accuracy as a unit, real-time intelligence and analysis.

EVRYTHNG CEO and Co-Founder: “Our product solutions and technology capabilities are not only directly and naturally connected.” Niall Murphy, “But our company’s values ​​and cultures are very intertwined, with a strong focus on team-building values, commitment to strong goals and true creativity with unique goals.

The acquisition expands the geographical footprint for both companies. EVRYTHNG, founded by London With offices in new York, Beijing, Minsk, And is gaining a lot of success in Lausanne. North America. In contrast, Digimarc, based in Portland, Oregon Location, has a growing customer base. Europe.

Details regarding the planned purchase
Digmarc acquires EVRYTHNG for Digimarc. The proposed transaction is subject to certain closing conditions or will be closed January 2022.

More details and information on the terms and conditions of the purchase can be found in the updated report on Form 8-K provided by Digmarc with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Future Statements
This press release may be thought to contain forward-looking statements, including those expected from Digmarc, plans and promises, and related to the potential benefits of the transaction. These forward-looking statements are based on the expectations of the current Digimarc administration from the date of their release and have been subject to certain risks and doubts and the actual results may vary considerably from those specified in future statements. , Risks associated with closing an unattainable purchase, potential impact on digital business regarding the announcement of the purchase, any event, change or other circumstances that may result in termination. Proper agreement between the parties, changes in the financial situation of EVRYTHNG (including unforeseen or unexpected debts), risks associated with the merger of the companies and general economic conditions. Therefore, the actual results may differ materially and negatively from those described in any future statements. The forward-looking statements contained herein are due on this date only, and Digimarc is under no obligation to review or update future-specific statements for any reason.

About Digmark
Digital Mark Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) is a pioneer and leader in the automatic identification of media, including digital signage solutions and packaging, commercial printing and digital images. Digimarc helps customers drive efficiency, accuracy and security across physical and digital supply chains. Visit www.digimarc.com And follow us. LinkedIn And Twitter To find out more.

EVRYTHNG Cloud® helps global consumer brands get to know their products and run their businesses in a unique way. EVRYTHNG Product Cloud® connects each product item with Active Digital ID — on the web — merging product data in each value chain for visibility, verification and real-time knowledge and communication with people. EVRYTHNG is the creator of the World Economic Forum Global. The founders created a web of things. Learn more at EVRYTHNG.com and @EVRYTHNG.

Source: Digimarc Corporation

For more information, visit Lara Berhen, [email protected], +1 503-469-4704, http://www.digmarc.com

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