Four foreign appointments include the position of New Digital Innovation Leader, Head of Global Strategy and President of two Operations Units in the Neuroscience Portfolio.

Dublin, November 15, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT) today announced four executive appointments to enhance its commitment to becoming a global leader in healthcare technology.

Mira Sahni

  • Bob Hopkins, Global strategy leader, effective today.

  • May Jiang, A new global digital innovation leader, effective today.

  • Harry “Jump” Kyle, President of Cranial and Spinal Technologies (CST) Operating Unit, Effective January 4, 2022.

  • Mira Sahni, Dale Health Operating Unit President, Effective December 6, 2021.

“We are making strenuous efforts to lead the way in healthcare technology and access to global talent,” he said. Jeff Martha, Medtronic Chairman and CEO. “These executive appointments will bring external thinking, new skills and abilities and diverse perspectives to our already talented leadership team – and will continue to encourage Mediterranean change.”

Bob HopkinsHead of Global Strategy
Hopkins joins as a global strategic leader. Hopkins came from Meryl Lynch, a bank in the United States, and has been managing director of the medical technology industry, including Medronic, since 2008. Hopkins has worked with the Medtech industry for over 25 years. The Institute’s Investors’ Annual Survey has been the # 1 ranking analyst in the sector for the past three years and has been in the top three for the past 17 years.

In his role, Hopkins will partner with senior executives in the strategic, business development, capital deployment and investment sectors. Medtronic’s broad, global perspective, including insights into companies, technologies and the healthcare and medical technology industry, will help keep the fast-growing industry afloat.

May Jiang, Head of Global Digital Innovation
Jiang joins Medronronic from Iron Mountain, where she serves as senior vice president, leader in global innovation, production and solutions.

Prior to Iron Mountain, Jiang spent six years at HP, most recently as Head of Digital Innovation and Business Transformation and Cisco, Managing Startup / CEO. Since 2000, she has led three beginners to accelerated growth and has served on several boards for Silicon Valley startups.

Jiang is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and a founding member of Chief. A private network designed for women leaders – through VP level CEOs – to strengthen their experience in the C-suite.

In her new role, Jiang will work with leaders within the organization to test, expand and accelerate Mediterranean information, digitization and AI strategies globally. This work involves improving internal processes using data and AI, as well as developing new business models that meet existing capabilities and technologies. Using data and AI insights, it transforms the company’s core markets and businesses, as well as the enterprise’s global capabilities and the resources needed to support this change.

Harry “Jump” Kyle, President, Cranial and Spine Technology Operating Unit
Kyle joins the Mediterranean + Smith + Nephew, where he was president of Global Orthopedics Business, for the company’s reconstruction of arthroplasty, robotics, horror and extremism. Kyle has extensive experience in orthopedics and orthopedics, and has extensive knowledge and experience in creating and delivering an integrated ecosystem using global markets.

Kyle previously served as Executive Vice President of Global Commerce Operations at Nuvasive Inc. Europe, Middle East, Africa, And RussiaIn the Alarton Eye Care Unit at Novartis Corporation, he was responsible for leading the business transformation in a thriving and emerging market. Before joining Alcon, Kyle spent 12 years with Stroke Corporation, where he held a number of leadership roles, including vice president and general manager. Europe, And General Manager b Japan.

In his new role, Kyle will be responsible for driving innovation and delivering therapies around the world quickly and efficiently and fostering a strong culture in cranial and spinning technologies.

Mira Sahni, President, Dale Health Operating Department
Sahini brings more than 25 years of executive leadership experience in the development of new medical technologies and business in obstetrics, ENT, orthopedics and medical robotics. Using its deep background in mergers and acquisitions, product marketing and marketing strategies, it will lead Pelvic Health Operations to the ever-expanding content of the Continental Market.

Sahini joined Medtronic from Hyalex Orthopedics – a startup medical equipment company Lexington, Massachusetts – Served as CEO and Board of Directors since 2017.

Prior to Haileyx, Sahnini held several business leadership roles with Smith + Nephew, senior vice president and general manager of ENT and gynecology. In 2016, she led the Smith + Nephew gynecology business to the Mediterranean.

Prior to working with Smith + Nephew, Sahni was president, CEO and co-founder of the award-winning medical robotics startup in 2017. Strategies, Product Management, Product Development, Research and Software Roles in Flow International, BMW Group and Boeing

In her new role, Sahini will be responsible for developing a strong culture in Pelvic Health, driving innovation and expanding access to many patients around the world.

About the Mediterranean
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Harryâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; Skip â & # x00201d;  Kyle

Harry “Jump” Kyle

Bob Hopkins

Bob Hopkins

May Jiang

May Jiang

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